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Jul. 3rd, 2014 02:41 am
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WHOOO I haven't updated here in a long time *blows dust off of blog*

I don't think there's much point in talking about what I have been doing lately; I'm unemployed, so I really don't have much to do except read books, watch TV series, listen to audios and browse the net. The weather's been awful for the past two weeks, so I don't even go outside much. :/ It's all very distressing. I should go to a museum or something, but my circadian rhythm is fucked up beyond belief and my small number of friends are either working or out of town most of the time, so... books and internet it is.

So like... important fandom things!

I watched In the Flesh, a BBC Three drama about... well, zombies. But only technically. It's set a couple of years after the dead rose from their graves and started attacking people, as scientists have developed a medicine that helps the dead restore cognitive function and makes it possible for them to be re-introduced into society. The series follows Kieren, a young PDS-sufferer (Partially Deceased Syndrome) as he returns to his family in a small, conservative town in northern England, and has to confront the reality of his new existence, an estranged younger sister who was a part of the volunteer forced that hunted down PDS-sufferers in their rabid state during the Rising, and the circumstances of his death.

It was a long time ago I watched a series that actively made me yell, curse and simply engaged me emotionally to the degree this show did. Apart from being beautifully shot with an interesting premise, In the Flesh isn't about zombies; it's about the dynamics of oppression, ethics, guilt, mental illness (depression and PTSD), complex family relationships... It's engaging and by no means a simple show to watch, as you as a viewer is forced to examine your own feelings about what's happening on the show.

Did I mention Kieren (and other side characters) is queer? And it has amazingly well-written female characters (and just well-written characters overall)? I am in love. My DVD hasn't arrived yet but when it does I'm definitely in for a re-watch.

Big Finish-wise, I'm almost all caught up on the main range... welp.

I went to the library a couple of days ago, so these past couple of days I've mostly been reading. Will probably make a separate post about that, but: notably, I've picked up a lot of Norse mythology books. [ profile] desecrets and I talked about how there seems to be way too few books out there based on Norse mythology with female protagonists, or where the goddesses play a main role - which sucks, because it's not like Norse mythology lacks interesting and badass women.

This also prompted me to borrow ALL of Peter Madsen's Valhalla again (a Danish comic retelling of the Norse myths) and I think I love it even more than when I was young, or when I did my last re-reading a couple of years ago. It's just... really really good and solid intertextual fun, that manages to both radically transform and pay homage to the source material, and I'm sad that the complete series is only available in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian. Because it's my favourite Norse mythology thing and most people will never read it. :'3

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