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- Apparently love poetry aimed towards a specific woman(mánsöngr) was forbidden on Iceland according to the Grey Goose Laws (so until mid-13th century). The reason is supposedly a conflation between poetry and galdr; reciting poetry could be seen as an attempt to urge a woman away from the control of her parents, and indirectly her place in society, by magic (marriages were mainly political in Norse society, so wooing an unmarried woman and thereby making her less likely to cooperate wasn't exactly seen as harmless compared to seducing someone who already had a husband).

There is no real point of me telling you this other than 1. it was mentioned in the book on Norse goddesses I finished yesterday, which I should definitely take notes on before returning to the library, because it was really informative and inspiring (sadly it's out of print so I can't actually buy it-- might have to look at retailers) and 2. I just find it really fascinating.

- It's been really hot these past couple of days, as if to make up for the fact that we had nothing but clouds and the occasional rain shower the two weeks before. Even I, who's usually a very enthusiastic sun worshipper, has to go inside after lunch (this is one of those rare situations where living in the basement is a very good thing). Despite this, mum insists I should weed the flowerbeds. *Shudder*

- Speaking of which, mum's friend is over and sort of caught me up on what one of her sons, who was my best friends for most of our childhood, is doing. Which is, apparently, having studied in London and currently living alone in a four-room apartment nearby. He's twenty. Meanwhile, I'm having trouble even deciding what I want to study properly and finding student housing, never mind an actual apartment. See also: can't find a summer job and spends the summer binge watching TV series, reading books and listening to audios.

- At least my sleeping schedule is fine again-- if anything, a little too fine. I usually get tired and end up in bed before 9 pm, and get out of bed at half past six (!).

- I finished the second Klein trilogy (if it can be called that); Persuasion, Starlight Robbery and Daleks Among Us, all of which are really stellar audios. Most of all, I enjoy the dynamic of this Team TARDIS-- Seven really does need companions around, doesn't he? Lest he goes overboard with the preemptive strikes, so to speak. Klein (Elizabeth? Have we symbolically switched to first-name basis to mark that she's not her nazi alternate self?) is also a very different, but interesting, female character (and hey, Daleks Among Us actually explains what happens at the end of Architects of History! ... kind of. A bit. Maybe not), but I think the addition of a bumbling character like Will really makes the dynamic. I'm really looking forward to more audios with them-- especially since the ending seems to indicate that they'll become more of a team from this point on.

(In particular, I find the contrast between Will - who's a very intelligent, but socially awkward, clumpsy, somewhat naive and idealistic young man - and older, frosty but exceedingly capable and adept Elizabeth refreshing, since their character traits are usually associated with characters of the opposite gender.)

Also: there is a statue of a naked Ace McShane wielding a baseball bat on a planet she and the Doctor helped liberate. Canon. Canon (Will's obvious concern that this happens a lot to the Doctor's companions also means that there is, of course, a naked statues of him as well somewhere. Rule of Funny demands it).

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