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As sort-of-tenatively promised, I made a batch of icons! For the latest episode of Doctor Who, that is. While I've made plenty of graphics before I've never really tried making icons, and it turned out to be both interesting and frustrating (they're so tiny! argh!!).

So, without further ado...

+ 35 Doctor Who icons (mostly the Doctor and Clara)
+ Caps from [ profile] grande_caps
+ Credit is nice but not necessary.
+ Please don't use as bases.

01 - 05
 photo ros1_zps17dd1d06.png  photo ros2_zps34772cf8.png  photo ros3_zpse45019f7.png  photo ros5_zps0f25dc7c.png  photo ros4_zpse5017b56.png

06 - 10
 photo ros6_zpsca881d77.png  photo ros7_zps3c7ecd66.png  photo ros8_zps7fd895fa.png  photo ros8text_zpse9191c2a.png  photo ros9_zpsfcdd9ce4.png

11 - 15

 photo ros10_zpsf2ffdb28.png  photo ros11_zps6b7ee4c6.png  photo ros12_zpsb17b8ce9.png  photo ros13_zpse50435dc.png  photo ros14_zps60051fc4.png

16 - 20
 photo ros16_zps28be744b.png  photo ros18_zps5556dd77.png  photo ros20_zps570486a3.png  photo ros21_zps8bce1e5f.png  photo ros22_zpsc2279044.png

21 - 25
 photo ros23_zpsc0ef3e32.png  photo ros25_zps526512fd.png  photo ros26_zps3241a49a.png  photo ros27_zps2b89afd5.png  photo ros28_zps3c4f4fe5.png

26 - 30
 photo ros29_zps24683788.png  photo ros30_zpsb2eca9f1.png  photo ros30text_zps4c79ccdf.png  photo ros31_zpsb3f60b9a.png  photo ros32_zps50e9bb81.png

31 - 35
 photo ros33_zps1792b9f9.png  photo ros34_zps53210a3b.png  photo ros35_zps5398ffa0.png  photo ros36_zps5b8e79b5.png  photo ros37_zps800a5472.png

(I have no idea where else I could post this. Gosh, it has been a long time.)

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