Jan. 14th, 2014

regndoft: (Rev. 12:4)
Life's decided to be rather hectic atm; had an examinatory seminar today, exam on thursday, two papers to hand in before the week is out, and next week spring term and my new course begins... (History of religion + religious psychology).

Haven't really studied, but I'm not feeling particularly worried either. I was so torn up about everything before Christmas, I have now passed into a zen-like state of Not Giving A Shit. Instead, I've been reading a lot; two weeks into 2014 and four books down already, which means that to everyone's surprise, I'm actually on schedule so far. And three of them have been in Swedish.

Speaking of books (and Swedish), I finished the second book in a very lauded Swedish YA trilogy (that's also done rather well internationally), the first of which is called The Circle. I honestly can't remember the last time I utterly devoured a book at this pace, ignoring almost everything else-- I finished over 600 pages in two days. And, as I think I mentioned in the book meme, I really don't go for YA lit most of the time. I was initially a bit dubious, seeing as the blurb on the back reads:

One night, when a strange red moon fills the sky, six school girls find themselves in an abandoned theme park, drawn there by a mysterious force. A student has just been found dead. Everyone suspects suicide. Everyone - except them. In that derelict fairground an ancient prophecy is revealed. They are The Chosen Ones, a group of witches, bound together by a power, one which could destroy them all. But they soon learn that despite their differences they need each other in order to master the forces that have been awakened within them. High school is now a matter of life and death. Because the killing has only just begun.

... which is a fairly clichéed summary and didn't really help (the British cover is also rather atrocious; luckily most editions go for the Swedish original). But I think this is one of those books where the execution of the premise makes all the difference; what could have been a very tropey and forgettable book aimed at teenage girls is actually a suspenseful read with memorable characters.

A non-spoilery list of Good Things About These Books )

TL;DR if you like YA, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a major source of inspiration for the authors, trufax), or just good urban fantasy, I recommend checking this book series out. I'll probably treat myself to the last installment in the trilogy after my exam this week.

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