Jan. 23rd, 2014

regndoft: (Vestal {Ab Antiquo})
- New term and new course started this week, which has been a lot more intense than I'd reckoned. At least one paper (only 500 words, luckily) per week plus group assignment plus A LOT of reading. Which usually might be fine, but I'm studying for an exam I didn't take in december, so I feel a bit strained. So far I haven't fallen behind though; another week and I expect I'll adapt.

In a way, it's nice to have strict routines. While I handle stress badly, and it's terrible not being able to do the things I want to do, there's a masochistic part of me that thrives on productivity. Getting Shit Done, even at the cost of my own comfort zone, can be rewarding.

- We're starting off with a more thorough course on hinduism and buddhism than the A course provided, which is... confusing but interesting so far. Yesterday's lecturer was a German Indologist specialised in the Vedas, which was particularly interesting since she was mainly a linguist (did you know that the names of Vedic deities have been found on clay tablets as far west as the Mitanni and Hittite kingdoms? I didn't, but finding out was awesome). So it's fun. So far.

- I got a student apartment! Or rather, I've got the dibs on one, as I haven't moved in yet, seeing how I got the mail just this morning. But I've replied saying HOLY SHIT YES I want it, so now all there's left is to wait. And try to wrap my head around the fact that I'll move to Uppsala within two weeks, probably.

- I finished the Engelsfors trilogy and I have a lot of emotions but no one to share them with because I don't know anyone else who's finished the series. :(((

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