Feb. 18th, 2014

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A lot of things have been going on since my last update. Uni is demanding, I didn't get the apartment (apparently I wasn't supposed to have it since this isn't my first term... which, would've been nice to know before they put me through bureaucratic hell). When I haven't been studying I've mostly been... consuming.

- I have a new phone! One that works, unlike my old new phone (seriously, I had it about a month before it said "fuck it". I am forever bitter about this). It's technically not a new-new phone, as it's my mother's old iPhone, but I'm just delighted to be able to text people again.

- Watched both seasons of Pushing Daisies! It was lovely. I am heartbroken it was cancelled. :c Also started watching Firefly, but am only a couple of episodes in (is it just me or is it really reminiscent of Blake's 7? I seem to recall reading that Joss Whedon watched it growing up, which... would make sense...).

- Been reading lots; mostly related to uni, both course lit and fiction, but also my own books. So far I've been able to make good on my "two EDAs a month" promise; am currently on The Shadows of Avalon. Should get around to writing reaction posts...

- Speaking of which, book sale begins next week! I've already pre-ordered a whole bunch online really cheaply, so I suppose I won't have much money left over to buy in actual stores (not that that will stop me, probably).

- More on the topic of books: was I the only one who hadn't heard of the Doctor Who Monster Collection? Apparently they're re-releasing Doctor Who novels with Doctors both old and new, each paired (no, not in that way) with an iconic monster. I have no idea as to the actual quality of the novels, but I'm super-chuffed they're actually bringing some books with classic Doctors back into print - presumably the 50s Anniversary special editions did better than expected.

There's even a VNA in there this time. We live in a time where a twenty-year-old VNA with Benny, Chris and Roz gets brought back into print. And I think that's beautiful.
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I don't know how many Gallifrey fans that hang out on my F-list rather than... you know, Tumblr, but I thought I'd post this here for posterity. And because I want you to know that this is either the worst or the greatest thing I've ever created. A stroke of genius or madness. We just can't tell.

I wrote a song. Or rather, I re-wrote a song, because Popular (from Wicked) is

a. not written by me

b. not actually about Braxiatel trying to convince Romana to become President of Gallifrey.

It is now )

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