Mar. 20th, 2014

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A short-ish list of stuff I've been doing instead of updating here (shame on me):

- Acquired PhotoShop and started making graphics. I am under no illusions of being a PS wizard, but considering I've only had it for a bit more than a month I think I'm doing fairly well (especially considering I make Classic Who graphics and very seldom have the luxury of high quality pictures......).

I think it's also been very important to me to have this thing where I can be creative without pressure. With writing and drawing, I've grown up with it and demand a lot from myself, which inhibits my ability to actually be productive. I don't have as much problem with perfectionism as I used to (thank you therapy) but it's still something very deeply ingrained. I wrote one fic last year that passed 1k and that wasn't for lack of time.

With PhotoShop, however, I am a complete n00b. If I fuck up, or it doesn't turn out the way I wanted it do, I'm... strangely okay with that. And that's refreshing, and encouraging, and doesn't make me feel like shit. So I'm really enjoying it.

- Signed up for [ profile] dw_allsorts, a new Doctor Who prompt table community, which has also been very nice and low-pressure so far. I've started with a tiiiny 3 prompt table, which is encouraging in its simplicity. Hopefully I'll be able to slowly work my way up towards 20 one table at a time. So if you like Doctor Who and producing fanworks, consider signing up!

- Uni is horrible and I suck at higher education forever-- okay, no, not really, but I've somehow managed to double-book myself (actually that's completely the institution's responsibility and not mine, just because I don't happen to study to become a teacher) and have to take the next two courses simultaneously (and buy course lit to match). On top of that I have a home exam this week that I haven't read all the books for and the exam for the last course I didn't take on friday next week. April is going to be... interesting.

- I'm turning 21 on saturday. My age will be divisible by 3 and that is terrifying.

- Probably a lot of things have happened I've forgotten to write about here. Terrible. I'll try to do better from now on.

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