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Going back to Stockholm tomorrow over Christmas. Been a bit weirdly... not full of anticipation, but definitely preparing for it all week, fretting over what to do with the food in the fridge I can't eat up on time, thinking about what to pack... it takes up a lot of space in my mind. It's gonna be nice to go home and be able to relax for a bit. Today in particular has felt off after six hours of sleep, a trudge through the first heavy snowfall this winter, only to discover that the lecture I was supposed to attend had been moved from nine am to one pm.

As for the talking meme, I don't have much to talk about today-- [ profile] liadtbunny asked me about my favourite feelgood film/tv series, but the truth is I... don't actually watch that much film or tv, much less when I'm feeling down in the dumps for whatever reason. There are some happy-making tv series out there that I've actually watched though.

Gravity Falls is a cute and hilarious Disney-animated series about the twins Dipper and Mabel, who are staying with their great-uncle Stan in Oregon over the summer, where he runs a tourist trap filled with fake cryptids and overpriced memorabilia. Of course, things turn a whole lot more interesting when a mysterious hand-written journal chronicling the mysteries of the small town is found... Think haunted convenience stores. Think time travel. Think National Treasure-parody episode, boy band clones and dinosaurs. The humour leans towards somewhat absurd as well as 80s and 90s pop culture references.

I think what makes Gravity Falls so great is that while it's definitely a comedy series above all, the characters are as 3-dimensional as this kind of format allows-- they're treated as real characters rather than funny characters, their feelings are taken seriously, and their relationships are allowed to develop throughout the series. The narrative reflects this-- it has an overarching plot, although all of season 1 is mainly build-up to this, and season 2 overall takes a darker turn without losing a fundamental light-heartedness.

The main cast are all lovable in their own ways, and above all really like each other; there's a great feeling of camaradery that just really warms my heart. And, ofc, it's laugh-out-loud funny.

Plus the animation is cute. And it has an awesome intro:

Runner-up is Pushing Daisies-- the colours, the absurd humour and murders, PIES, and sweet characters are just wonderful. Is it even possible not to like this series? I am full of doubt.
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