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I have internet in Uppsala!

The internet-free weekend was pretty hectic without any distractions-- looked for Christmas presents in town on saturday before gf went with me back to Uppsala. Most of yesterday was spent cooking and baking (look at these nerdy gingerbread cookies we made!. But I had fun. Yesterday I went to Kalmar nation's choir's Christmas consert and had dinner at an Indian restaurant with friend from the dorm. (∪ ◡ ∪)

I'm more than a week behind on questions (ugh). Let's see how many I manage before I have to go study some more and make dinner...

[ profile] lost_spook asked me about my favourite companions. I wasn't sure how to go about this question - did I want to mention my favourite favourite/s, or just companions that I like better than others? Doctor Who is a cornucopia of memorable characters. At the same time I'm not sure where to start. I considered doing my favourite companion for every Doctor, but that would get very long very fast and I'm not even sure who to choose in some cases.

So. My absolute favs and a couple of runner-ups.

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As sort-of-tenatively promised, I made a batch of icons! For the latest episode of Doctor Who, that is. While I've made plenty of graphics before I've never really tried making icons, and it turned out to be both interesting and frustrating (they're so tiny! argh!!).

So, without further ado...

+ 35 Doctor Who icons (mostly the Doctor and Clara)
+ Caps from [ profile] grande_caps
+ Credit is nice but not necessary.
+ Please don't use as bases.

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(I have no idea where else I could post this. Gosh, it has been a long time.)
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It's been almost two months since I updated here. Two months. I don't even have a particularly good excuse. I did disappear for almost two weeks in late july/early august when the family went on vacation; first to Krakow, and then to the Swedish west coast. Other than that I've mostly spent my time reading and actually haven't been online as often as I usually am. Which still doesn't explain my absence, especially since I have been doing some stuff as well...

A short breakdown of life right now: I've been back at uni since monday, and am taking a course in the history and culture of ancient Egypt *point to new icon*. It's really interesting so far, to have everything I learnt (and didn't learn) as a child filtered through an academic lens. My nine-year-old self would be happy to know that while I'm not exactly fulfilling her dream of becoming an egyptologist I'm doing the next best thing. :P

I've been reading a lot these last couple of months; most notably, I started the Rivers of London series (am eagerly awaiting the release of Foxglove Summer this month!!) and have picked up Discworld again for the first time in years (the City Watch books are so good! How did I manage to miss them? I've only read the first three so far but they're really wonderful).

As for Doctor Who, I am loving the new series. For the first time in ages I am actually... looking forward to new episodes. Peter Capaldi is just lovely, Clara has really grown into her own and the episodes have been good. V. strange. Am tentatively eyeing the 12th Doctor novels to be released next week. >___>

I'm going to try to be more attentive now when summer is over, even if it's just making short life updates.
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I promise I'm going to post an Actual Life Update soon rather than just dump stuff at you, F-list! But... not tonight.

So about a year ago, gf and I had a sort of. Idea. I don't remember whose idea it actually was-- I just know that for ages we've had this idea that we should make a series of fanmixes for all fifty years of Doctor Who.

Using only songs from the Eurovision Song Contest.

And because I finally got my hands on the music necessary to make this true... I've spent the entire day wrestling with 8tracks to bring you these cracky completely sincere and very serious masterpieces. Yes.

Vol. I: the 1960s

Vol. II: the 1970s

Vol. III: the 1980s

There are links to notes (incl. link to lyrics translations) and tracklists on Tumblr in the descriptions. (◡‿◡✿)

Hopefully I'll get around to doing the 90s for Eight (if I can ever decide what companions to include/not include) and the 2000s for the new series.
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Title: It's A Long Way To Capernaum
Author: [personal profile] regndoft / [ profile] taiyou_to_tsuki
Characters: War!Doctor/Jacobi!Master (more gen than shippy though).
Summary: With the lives they've come to live, respites are few and far between.
Rating: G.
Warning: None.

A/N: 405 words. Written for the prompt "War!Doctor/Jacobi!Master, Capernoited (slightly intoxicated or tipsy)" on Tumblr. The title reference doesn't really work, but I couldn't think of anything better.

Here @ AO3

It's A Long Way To Capernaum )

Title: The Ties That Confine Us
Author: [personal profile] regndoft / [ profile] taiyou_to_tsuki
Characters: Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master.
Summary: Since returning from the more-or-less dead, the Master had more than enough time to contemplate the Doctor’s motivations for bringing him back.
Rating: T.
Warning: None.

A/N: 1319 words. This was originally supposed to be a more humouristic fic, exploring the exact circumstances of the Soup Incident (yes, that is indeed a thing that happened, according to Paul Cornell's novelisation of Scream of the Shalka). The finished product however is more the result of me musing over the Doctor and the Master's early relationship in Shalkaverse, before ascending to the of state of married bliss (well, as close as those two will ever get to it at least) we know from canon.

Here @ AO3

The Ties That Confine Us )
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Trope Bingo ends the 31st of May and I just posted my first (embarrassingly short) fill. Go me.

Title: Uphill
Author: [personal profile] regndoft / [ profile] taiyou_to_tsuki
Characters: Third Doctor/Delgado!Master.
Summary: The Master has found himself in something of a predicament. The Doctor has found the Master.
Rating: All Ages.
Warning: None!

A/N: 645 words. Orginally written for a prompt on Tumblr ("Third Doctor/Delgado!Master - fairy tale") that also fit the "character in distress" slot on my trope bingo. Loosely based on The Princess on the Glass Hill.

Here @ AO3

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Some fannish stuff I did this week:

- Read the novelisation of The Sea Devils and liveblogged it. And by "liveblogged" I mostly mean "posted Doctor/Master shippy quotes and comparisons with the TV version" (there is no Clangers scene! Or a sword fight! OUTRAGEOUS).

- Me and a bunch of friends got together on thursday to watch Captain America 2, as well as the first movie in preparation. Lemon cheesecake and thai food was had (for lunch and dinner). It was an afternoon screening on a weekday, so we were almost alone in the theatre, which was really enjoyable and I'm not sure why (we did have to restrain ourselves from treating it like our own living room and commenting aloud... at least I had to).

As for the movie, I really enjoyed it, but it was also strange to watch with the first movie fresh in mind because whereas the first movie concentrates a lot on the characters and concentrating on them (because the main plot is rather generic). And it works because you really like these characters and the visuals are nice and the dialogue is fun, whereas the second movie... has some really nice character moments, some memorable lines, but most of all it focuses on the action sequences. Some of which do get very long and tedious.

That being said, it was rather interesting political commentary for an action flick and also it. May or may not have re-awakened the Marvel fan in me.

- By which I mean I spent most of friday reading comics. It's... strange trying to get back into the loop of something you were highly confused by to begin with - I was never that good at keeping up with comics, mostly because I was terrible at downloading and keeping track of when everything was released - because you're not sure where to start. As it is, I've now picked up... Captain Marvel (both from 2012 and the new one-- I LOVE CAROL SO MUCH YOU GUYS SHE'S FAB why did I ever stop reading this, why), Ms. Marvel (three issues and not much has happened yet but everyone's really cute and they're clearly trying to establish a colourful character gallery, which I really appreciate), She-Hulk (only "one-shots" so far but they're REALLY GREAT AND FUN esp. the latest issue) Hawkeye (Fraction's from 2012, which I really should have read earlier too), Elektra (only one issue out so far, but the art is SO GORGEOUS holy crap, I recommend a look just for the art) and All-New Ghost Rider (art is neat but story slow to unfold and kind of uninteresting so far).

This also reminds me that I really need to pick up Saga volume 3...

- Watched some Who with friends (Keys of Marinus and The Ribos Operation). Still contemplating whether or not going to Dimensions this year. Because on one hand, money. On the other... I kind of miss conventions and meeting new people and stuff??

Overall, this week has been SUPER HECTIC school-wise, and when I haven't been at uni I've been meeting friends, so I'm... really exhausted tbh. But um. Yes talk to me about Doctor Who or Marvel.
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I did a thing last night! [ profile] eve11 did a Doctor Who voice meme, and I recorded my answers... way, way too late at night really. Ended up with 30 minutes of running time in which I say the word "really" a lot. >____>

In the almost 24 hours since I recorded it this has been linked over at [ profile] who_at_50 (*shakes fist*) but I'll still link the Horror Channel TV Spot (and a shorter, slightly different one).

Also: started reading Scales of Injustice (v.good so far) and listened to Walking To Babylon (I love Benny so much and I should. talk more about that when I've listened to more of her audios).
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A lot of things have been going on since my last update. Uni is demanding, I didn't get the apartment (apparently I wasn't supposed to have it since this isn't my first term... which, would've been nice to know before they put me through bureaucratic hell). When I haven't been studying I've mostly been... consuming.

- I have a new phone! One that works, unlike my old new phone (seriously, I had it about a month before it said "fuck it". I am forever bitter about this). It's technically not a new-new phone, as it's my mother's old iPhone, but I'm just delighted to be able to text people again.

- Watched both seasons of Pushing Daisies! It was lovely. I am heartbroken it was cancelled. :c Also started watching Firefly, but am only a couple of episodes in (is it just me or is it really reminiscent of Blake's 7? I seem to recall reading that Joss Whedon watched it growing up, which... would make sense...).

- Been reading lots; mostly related to uni, both course lit and fiction, but also my own books. So far I've been able to make good on my "two EDAs a month" promise; am currently on The Shadows of Avalon. Should get around to writing reaction posts...

- Speaking of which, book sale begins next week! I've already pre-ordered a whole bunch online really cheaply, so I suppose I won't have much money left over to buy in actual stores (not that that will stop me, probably).

- More on the topic of books: was I the only one who hadn't heard of the Doctor Who Monster Collection? Apparently they're re-releasing Doctor Who novels with Doctors both old and new, each paired (no, not in that way) with an iconic monster. I have no idea as to the actual quality of the novels, but I'm super-chuffed they're actually bringing some books with classic Doctors back into print - presumably the 50s Anniversary special editions did better than expected.

There's even a VNA in there this time. We live in a time where a twenty-year-old VNA with Benny, Chris and Roz gets brought back into print. And I think that's beautiful.
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Finally, finally, I own a new computer. One that can actually play videos and has working speakers. It's like a completely new world has opened up for me!

To begin with, I don't have to listen to 8tracks on the iPad anymore. This might be the reason I've just realised that I REALLY LOVE 8TRACKS. I should make a post with some of my favourite mixes at some point in the future.

I'm also having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that, for the first time in a year and a half, I can watch videos online. Like... YouTube. And Dailymotion. Wow.

(I haven't seen The Time of the Doctor yet, mostly because Dailymotion has failed to provide me with a stream. From what I've heard, I'm not missing much. This shouldn't be a surprise, but seeing how I recently rewatched Day of the Doctor and actually still really enjoy it, I'd kind of got my hopes up. Oh well.)

(Also disappointed the internet has yet to provide me with War Docor/Jacobi!Master. Shame on you, internet. Why don't you cater to my every whim? Sighh.)

Did finish watching The Enemy of the World. Spontaneous thoughts: it's absolutely lovely, and so much better paced when you actually have visuals. I have trouble watching a lot of missing serials because the lack of visuals affect my concentration, but obviously that's not a problem when they're NOT. MISSING. ANYMORE!! Pat's performance is just outstanding, and I love how varied and believable the side characters are; there's really an astounding amount of them, but somehow even the Captain of the guard ends up memorable in some way.

Still, it's a very odd one, isn't it? Obviously noy a historical, but not really sci-fi either besides it being set in the future; more like an action flick with added political drama on the side. In many ways it's more James Bond than anything produced during the Pertwee era.

I'd like to say that I'll be updating more often from now on, but actually I'll be absent for another week or so! [identity profile] is visiting me over New Year's so we'll probably be busy talking shit and not sleeping. I'll see you when I see you.
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I am having Thoughts and I want to get them out before I read too many other people's opinions.

Let's begin by saying that (as I'm sure everyone has noticed) I'm not Steven Moffat's greatest fan. I have loads of problems with his time as screenwriter, both when it comes to plot and representation. I almost didn't go to see the special in theaters, partly because I didn't find out they'd actually screen it here until the day before, and even then because I was 90% sure I'd find it disappointing and didn't know if I wanted to spend 140 SEK on a ticket for that. I was fully prepared to stay at home and rewatch The Five Doctors.

That being said, The Day of the Doctor? Was excellent.

I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS?? But I really did love it. I haven't felt like this about New Who in years. Am I catching something? It was lovely, though. Not anywhere near perfect, but no episode ever is-- I think, for me, as someone naturally prone to nitpicking, it's more a question of whether I enjoy something to the extent that I'll be willing to overlook the less good bits and usually Moffat doesn't do that for me. Except this time he did.

It probably also helped to be surrounded by other fans who were just as pumped as we were. The theatre was almost full, and that was the second screening we attended, not the first (it was sold out). Take that, mum, who thought we would be the only ones silly enough to go (hah!!1).

"We" were me, [personal profile] stalkerbunny, another friend, my sister and a friend of hers, btw. Sis and friend were not actually caught up on series 7/hadn't watched more than a couple of episodes, but seemed enthusiastic enough and even more so afterwards, which made me happy. I recently got sis to watch some McCoy serials and she's really in love with Seven, so hopefully the months to come will be a successful process of conversion. :D

All that being said, what about the actual episode?

Some not very concise and spoilery thoughts )

TL;DR it was not what I thought I wanted, but it turned out to be something I wanted anyway. Presumably they sucked all the awesome out of series 7 just to pump it into this special instead. I am okay with that.

Still have The Light at the End left, and have been unable to watch The Five-ish Doctors because BBC hates me, or something.
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Life continues and I continue to be ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at updating this thing.

- Had an exam this friday, located a 45-minute walk from the central station in Uppsala. At 8 AM. So I got up at 4. This worked out surprisingly well, actually; I'm feeling mostly confident I'll pass. I don't really feel that I have time to worry, as I have two more exams this month...

- Somehow managed to convince sis to watch Ghost Light AND Remembrance of the Daleks with me-- perhaps she was feeling charitable that day. I don't think she was overly enthused, but she seemed quite taken with Seven and Ace's relationship (and Seven's sweater). I mean, she said she'd leave the room if I put on another serial but didn't, so I must've done something right. That or she was simply too tired to leave. :P

- [personal profile] stalkerbunny and Anja came over yesterday; we bought a pumpkin and had a pumpkin party. By which I mean we spent four-ish hours making pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds. They were four-ish hours very well spent. <3

- Finished Eight's audios with Mary Shelley today. This means I actually have less than 25 audios left of the main range? V. weird. The extent to which Doctor Who has become a part of my daily routine is actually ridiculous (and a teeny bit frightening).

- Attended NaNoWriMo meet-up here in Stockholm today! It was extremely encouraging-- I actually managed not to be completely socially awkward and exchange words with some people. But as always, the Word Wars are probably the most uplifting part. It's just rather empowering to me as a writer to find that I'm actually able to write something coherent in three minutes based on seemingly incompatible prompts.

And for the first year, we Stockholmers have our own equivalent of the Night of Writing Dangerously! We're supposed to have a sleepover in a cabin north of the city. Sadly, this is the 23rd of November, so I highly doubt I will attend because of obvious reasons.

(A girl sitting near me with a TARDIS wallet has a cry of despair when I pointed it out to her. We bonded a bit over that.)

- New course on the Bible and text interpretation beginning tomorrow. I'm going to have to start carrying a Bible around with me-- I assume this means I'm doing theology studies right.

- Going to see a Lovecraft musical (yes, really) with sis on friday. Also going to start NaNo on friday. And the friday after that, I have another exam. We'll see how this goes, if it goes at all. :P
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I did the thing. The thing where I watched ALL OF THE CLASSIC WHO. And all of the New Who, for that matter. All of the Doctor Who. All of it.

I feel like I should say a couple of words to mark the occasion, but it's late and I'm mostly writing here because I feel like shit and don't want to go to bed (my normal circadian rhythm lasted for almost a month, go self). While I did have a short moment of "BUT WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS GAPING HOLE IN MY SPARE TIME??" I quickly realised I could just fill it up with more Doctor Who audios and novels. Existential crisis solved.

(Also, I'll have more time to watch other shows. Like, I could actually pick up where I stopped watching Blake's 7 for reasons unknown even to myself. So that's. A thing.)

I do want to do a bit of writing, the way I always want to do a bit of meta or just obnoxiously share my opinions with other people about things I love-- if anyone has anything Who-related (or, um, not Who-related too, I guess) to suggest, that would be cool. I don't know about other people, but I find it a joy to read about other people's love for things. It's why I like The I Like Doctor Who Project a lot.

Rl update: walked in my first Pride Parade on saturday, which was both tedious and wonderful. It was really really hot and almost no wind, and our float (the Teachers' Association and the student council of my old upper secondary school) was near the end of the parade, so we who were there early waited for almost four hours to get going. But once we did, it was great fun; Stockholm Pride always attracts a huge audience, and while the LGBT community frequently criticises it for being too commercial/white male gay-oriented, I found it extremely liberating. It's a triumphant feeling, refusing to be ignored, even if it's only for a week a year.

Of course, the downside to this is that I literally danced 3,5 kilometres for two hours. And have been unable to walk properly for several days because of my blisters.

On the positive side, this is the most grievous bodily harm I've ever received for my sexuality, and it's self-inflicted. :P
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So I did go into town on friday to buy music (Sofia Jannok's Áhpi, as planned, and Electra Heart by Marina and the Diamonds because it was on sale), both are excellent, and yesterday I got mail informing me that Amazon has dispatched my Mind of Evil DVD. :)

Technically I should be feeling pretty happy, but I have a whole bunch of belated posts/articles/fics I haven't been able to work on in ages, so. Without further ado, I thought I'd get around to writing that post on The Dark Path, before it's been so long I forget all I wanted to say.

For those who don't know, The Dark Path by David A. McIntee, is a Virgin Missing Adventure first published in 1997 featuring the second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria. It is perhaps most remembered for being the first official (well, more or less) attempt at giving the Master an origin story-- and a name.

Further non-spoilery opinions under cut )

In conclusion: it's not without faults, but I found it an enjoyable book that's worth checking out.

Also the Doctor calls Koschei a fusspot. It is officially the most accurate description of the Master the Doctor has made in canon (wtf is up with "the very personification of evil", Three?). Going with book canon there's also ample room for Two, Jamie and Zoe meeting Delgado!Master shenanigans-- in fact, it practically demands it, based on Three's reaction to hearing that the Master's turned up in Terror of the Autons. THIS NOVEL IS UNTAPPED FIC GOLD, YOU GUYS.

(Do I covet an AU where Koschei and Victoria travel together and inevitably run into Three who tries to seduce a dematerialisation circuit out of Koschei? Yes. Yes I do.)

I also have a lot more spoilery thoughts about Koschei's character development, especially when compared to the Master's origin story in TV- and audio canon, but that will have to wait for yet another while. :'3
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- Eurovision Song Contest happened and made me want to die inside. This is why we should never win, we will just inevitably embarrass ourselves by being smugly superior about our alleged progressiveness (while simultaneously displaying exactly what needs working on-- pro-tip SVT, you don't fucking perform a parodic song that mentions Swedish egalitarianism with a dozen half-naked women dancing in the background). Buuuut what did I expect from a program led by Petra Mede? Idk. I think I'm taking this way too seriously (no I'm not, sexism should always be taken seriously).

Otherwise it was enjoyable though, in a... Eurovisiony sort of way. >___>

- My iPod is behaving strangely; it tends to skip a set track in an album (usually the first, but not always) regardless if how many times I press it. Then when I've played through the album, it usually works again. So it's not that the file is corrupted, or the touch screen is messed up, it just... doesn't want to cooperate. A mild annoyance at best, but might be problematic if I want to listen to audio plays I don't have in audio book format. :/

- The Myth of the Classic Companion is a thing I wrote for the Feminist Doctor Who Tumblr, because Classic Who needs more meta and I am so done with that particular trend.

- Apparently Yahoo bought Tumblr and I have no idea how to feel about that. As long as things don't *gulp* change, I guess?

- Aaand weekly Big Finish round-up (one day late, but whatev):

Thicker than Water, Scaredy Cat, Singularity, Other Lives, Pier Pressure, Night Thoughts, Time Works )

And then, the series 7 finale. Tbh I think I put off this post yesterday because I was afraid of the amount of stuff I had to say about it, and I'm-- still kind of put off by the mere thought of writing it down. It's a bit jumbled. Hopefully I'll get it all down, but still-- discussions are welcome.

The Name of the Doctor )

Am I nitpicking? In some respects, I'm probably nitpicking; some things will hopefully be cleared up later. Still, I don't think watching a 45-minute episode should make me ask so many questions at all. But overall: series 7 was a mess, this episode was a mess (although not as terrible as it could have been). I'm more excited about the Gatiss-penned documentary about the Hartnell era than I am about the anniversary special.

Now excuse me, I have a shower to take and an audio play to listen to.
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I wonder what it says about me that when I get a phone call for the first time in ages, it's to list all the songs the third Doctor has sung over the course of his seasons. Or what it says about my friends who call to ask such questions, for that matter.

Also, the opening ceremonies for Eurovision begin this evening. I am mentally preparing by living in denial and planning to re-listen to Bang-Bang-A-Boom! sometime before Saturday.

Other than that, life is deceptively easy at the moment, but that's probably because I have reached a point where I'm blissfully ignorant about the amount of work I should be doing, like... actually going to work. I mostly doze in the sun and eat strawberries and honeycomb melon. I'd probably feel dreadfully guilty and unproductive if I hadn't already steeped in fretting for so long I've come out on the other side as completely indifferent.

Mum's birthday is in a bit more than a week, so before I go on any shopping sprees (haha, because that's something I do so often - but I really need new clothes now) I should sort that out. Not that there's a hurry, seeing as she'll be on Cyprus by the time the big day rolls around.

Aaaand the weekly Who round-up:

Caerdroia, The Next Life, The Game, Catch-1782, Three's a Crowd, Unregenerate!, The Council of Nicaea, Terror Firma )

Also managed to squeeze two special releases in there; Her Final Flight (which was ok, nothing special) and The Veiled Leopard (EVERYTHING I WANT IN AN AUDIO, which is apparently: fancy dress parties, heists and inter-companion friendship/snarking. Eheu).

Finally, this week's episode:

Nightmare in Silver )

TL; DR not perfect, but then again nothing is. With the exception of some minor things it was perfect, well-paced, and just all around exciting fun.

Also, I've been putting off the Classic Who watch for a while, but today I finally ventured into the Patrick Troughton era (which, together with Tom Baker's two last seasons, is the only one I haven't watched) with Power of the Daleks. Will hopefully get through The Highlanders tomorrow (JAMIE!).

(I've still only watched one season and a half of Blake's 7. And have s. 5 of SJA left. Ahahaha. *Rolls away*)
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So I think I inadvertedly have ended up as a columnist for a Tumblr blog that aims to examine Doctor Who from a feminist perspective? What can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the time. And possibly a good thing, that, since I'm apparently the only one who applied who was interested in writing for the classic series (oh Tumblr).

I already have some ideas for what to write, but if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to give them.

Now, for the weekly Who round-up:

The Roof of the World, Medicinal Purposes, Faith Stealer, The Last )

Fewer main range audios this week, as I've also been listening to the second season of Jago & Litefoot and The Last Post. Which, I would write more about if I had something substantial to say... except that The Last Post is full of Liz, and continuity references, and Three apparently keeping a schedule on when he can sneak in and steal lab equipment from UNIT, and all kinds of things I love. Basically: this audio was made for me and I screeched in delight when it was over.

The Crimson Horror )

TL;DR good, but not as good as it could have been. The decision to remove two-parters for this series is very strange, and I definitely think it suffers because of it.

Next week: Neil Gaiman! Writes Cybermen! Which means that we'll possibly get the first decent Cybermen episode in the new series...
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Big Finish (non-spoilery, as always):

The Mutant Phase, Sword of Orion, Nekromanteia, The Dark Flame, Creatures of Beauty, The Axis of Insanity, LIVE-34 )

And this week's episode (spoilery, as always):

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS )

TL;DR go watch The Edge of Destruction instead if you want a TARDIS bottle episode.

Next week has... more Mark Gatiss. But! It also has Madame Vastra and Jenny and Strax, so I'm looking forward to it.

Also, it's the 30th of April today, which means a timely re-watch of The Daemons is due! But probably tomorrow.
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Nothing much has really been happening in my life the past couple of weeks. Mum's been abroad, so I've been doing most of the cooking at home; the course on Hellenism and the Roman Republic ended so I'm currently procrastinating really hard; I've seen some friends, watched some TV, mostly done nothing at all.

This is partly because my skin condition is acting up again, and while that doesn't impair my ability to do anything it does make me feel mentally exhausted and self-conscious about going outside. Tried to figure out how to contact a doctor, but I lost a couple of maturity points when I failed to do so (mum has promised to sort things out when she gets back, though).

Possibly as a side effect from lazing about all day, I've been reading a lot more lately, though-- except instead of any course lit or the bazillion books I have lying around, I've been reading Doctor Who novels (the novelisation of Survival and Ten Little Aliens, to be precise). My sincere apologies to my Goodreads friends.

And in the middle of this, Tumblr provided download links to the DWM comics, which means-- I have literally spent all day in front of the laptop screen, guys. It's sad but true.

Now, having experienced virtually every medium Doctor Who has appeared in I think it's interesting to see exactly how diverse and genre-defying the series is, and how differently writers can define what Doctor Who can be-- this is something fairly rare, I think, limited only to a handful of huge fandoms.

But another reason I started thinking about it is because... the comics are the first medium where I've got the impression that something feels off? That there's something a bit un-Doctor Who-ish about them?

Some thoughts )

I don't know. It's an interesting query - what is Doctor Who - because there's no way you would get a straight answer, ever. Doctor Who needs to reinvent itself, move with the times; can some episodes even be said to be more "Doctor Who" than others? How does the change in writing affect the audience's view of the Doctor and his role in the Whoniverse?

As of the quality of these comics/novels, I might type up a more concise review post if I feel like it (what with the weekly episode and Big Finish round-ups I feel like I have quite a lot going already, even if I don't exactly put much effort into writing those).


P.P.S I typod "with books" at first. I am never over characters, male or female, alien or not, with books. Jsyk.
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Taking a break in writing a presentation on Lucretius (that I thought was due to wednesday, but apparently need to be done tomorrow, eep) to write a weekly Who update.

The Wormery, Scherzo, The Creed of the Kromon, The Natural History of Fear, The Twilight Kingdom, Dreamtime )

Aaaand this week's episode (spoilers as usual)...

Hide )

So yeah, it was ok, but not a favourite.

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