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Went into town today to run some v. important errands (i e buy comics and art supplies) and went through about as much emotional anguish as hot drinks can cause you as I walked past the tea shop near my old school. They had their "summery" flavours out, which included strawberry cheesecake and lemon-meringue.

I. I have no idea how you make meringue work in tea. But I want it. Curse my expensive taste.

If any of you are into comics and are not reading Saga (yes, yes they're comics, graphic novels is a stupid term some elitist twat invented to feel better about enjoying The Sandman) you're seriously missing out. Actually, if you like reading at all and are not reading Saga you're missing out. Is it science fiction or fantasy? We just don't know! But it has amazing worldbuilding, a compelling cast, great dialogue and beautiful art.

Seeing as it's gained so much critical acclaim it never really occured to me to make a proper rec post, but the first volume blew me away and I read the second today so I'm just. Telling you to try it. Seriously.

Still doing terribly at writing, but to everyone's surprise, including my own, I've been drawing more these past couple of days than I have in months, probably (if we count finished products, I mean). I started practising using ink, which has been interesting, as I'm not even particularly apt at painting. But I think that has been good for me; using a new medium I haven't really mastered means I can't have high expectations of myself, and the drawings themselves become more bare and minimalistic than what I normally do.

Behind the cut there are pictures of:

- the third Doctor
- original character
- Dana Scully

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So that's what I've been doing for these past four days. More to come, probably (hopefully?).
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Was going to study and watch more Blake's 7 today. Ended up listening to audio play and falling asleep for three hours. Oops?

But now, let's talk a bit about fanart.

50 Years of Whovians is a fan project that's been running for all of 2013 so far, basically aiming to illustrate every single televised Doctor Who story since 1963. A variety of artists are participating, (mostly) amateurs and (some) professionals, with a variety of styles and interpretations in different mediums.

(If you're thinking about participating, most Classic Who stories have been claimed already - but the end of the McCoy era, the movie and the new series will be open for claiming on March 30th.)

I wish this was a clever attempt at advertising a fun and creative project for other Whovians, but actually I'm mostly mentioning this because I'm doing and illustration that's due for March 10th, and I finished the sketch today. So if you want to give me constructive criticism/ego boosts before I ruin it with lineart, that would be great.

I don't have a working scanner, so for the purpose of this entry I've taken pictures with my camera - obviously this won't be the case with the finished product, but for now it'll do.

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And while we're on the subject of fanart, I have two fully coloured Doctor/Master pieces that I should really post... when I've gathered enough courage to do so (self-conscious, me? Why would you say that...).

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