An Update

Sep. 29th, 2013 07:06 pm
regndoft: (Rev. 12:4)
It's been ages since I updated here, and I haven't been a particularly prolific commenter either, which I'm really sorry about. I promise I've been lurking around, but ironically I've had so many things to do I haven't really thought to write about them. This is mostly because what I'm doing is usually related to uni and about how stressed out I am more often than not, but, you know.

Uni is fun, if frequently frustrating and incredibly demanding both in regards to time and effort. My study group is nice, but inexperienced; three out of five of us are fresh from upper secondary, which has lead to some pretty frantic late evenings of editing. Especially with one group assignment per week...

Other notable events:

- Sylvester McCoy is coming to Uppsala in november. You know, the place where I just happen to study. I have no idea what dark forces the people who run the English Bookshop had to make blood sacrifices to to make this happen, because lord knows there has to be some occult involvement; the English Bookshop can hardly house more than fifty people, if even that (although they moved to a local theater when they realised how many people were interested) and it's. Well, it's Sweden. Sweden is the worst geek country.

(Okay, so we managed Gary Russell this year, but that was at least to one of the country's biggest and only conventions...)

There was a frantic day or two where I desperately tried to contact people who would be interested despite not actually owning a functional cell phone, but the bottom line is: I managed to reserve four tickets.

And if I seem incredibly calm about this it's because I spent thirty minutes running up and down the stairs when I first found out.

- Finally, after three months, got a new cell phone. Haah.

- Started my epic Complete Works of Lovecraft read-through. Have also been reading plenty of EDAs and gone through audios like my life depends on it (finished A Death In the Family today).

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