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- Eurovision Song Contest happened and made me want to die inside. This is why we should never win, we will just inevitably embarrass ourselves by being smugly superior about our alleged progressiveness (while simultaneously displaying exactly what needs working on-- pro-tip SVT, you don't fucking perform a parodic song that mentions Swedish egalitarianism with a dozen half-naked women dancing in the background). Buuuut what did I expect from a program led by Petra Mede? Idk. I think I'm taking this way too seriously (no I'm not, sexism should always be taken seriously).

Otherwise it was enjoyable though, in a... Eurovisiony sort of way. >___>

- My iPod is behaving strangely; it tends to skip a set track in an album (usually the first, but not always) regardless if how many times I press it. Then when I've played through the album, it usually works again. So it's not that the file is corrupted, or the touch screen is messed up, it just... doesn't want to cooperate. A mild annoyance at best, but might be problematic if I want to listen to audio plays I don't have in audio book format. :/

- The Myth of the Classic Companion is a thing I wrote for the Feminist Doctor Who Tumblr, because Classic Who needs more meta and I am so done with that particular trend.

- Apparently Yahoo bought Tumblr and I have no idea how to feel about that. As long as things don't *gulp* change, I guess?

- Aaand weekly Big Finish round-up (one day late, but whatev):

Thicker than Water, Scaredy Cat, Singularity, Other Lives, Pier Pressure, Night Thoughts, Time Works )

And then, the series 7 finale. Tbh I think I put off this post yesterday because I was afraid of the amount of stuff I had to say about it, and I'm-- still kind of put off by the mere thought of writing it down. It's a bit jumbled. Hopefully I'll get it all down, but still-- discussions are welcome.

The Name of the Doctor )

Am I nitpicking? In some respects, I'm probably nitpicking; some things will hopefully be cleared up later. Still, I don't think watching a 45-minute episode should make me ask so many questions at all. But overall: series 7 was a mess, this episode was a mess (although not as terrible as it could have been). I'm more excited about the Gatiss-penned documentary about the Hartnell era than I am about the anniversary special.

Now excuse me, I have a shower to take and an audio play to listen to.
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I wonder what it says about me that when I get a phone call for the first time in ages, it's to list all the songs the third Doctor has sung over the course of his seasons. Or what it says about my friends who call to ask such questions, for that matter.

Also, the opening ceremonies for Eurovision begin this evening. I am mentally preparing by living in denial and planning to re-listen to Bang-Bang-A-Boom! sometime before Saturday.

Other than that, life is deceptively easy at the moment, but that's probably because I have reached a point where I'm blissfully ignorant about the amount of work I should be doing, like... actually going to work. I mostly doze in the sun and eat strawberries and honeycomb melon. I'd probably feel dreadfully guilty and unproductive if I hadn't already steeped in fretting for so long I've come out on the other side as completely indifferent.

Mum's birthday is in a bit more than a week, so before I go on any shopping sprees (haha, because that's something I do so often - but I really need new clothes now) I should sort that out. Not that there's a hurry, seeing as she'll be on Cyprus by the time the big day rolls around.

Aaaand the weekly Who round-up:

Caerdroia, The Next Life, The Game, Catch-1782, Three's a Crowd, Unregenerate!, The Council of Nicaea, Terror Firma )

Also managed to squeeze two special releases in there; Her Final Flight (which was ok, nothing special) and The Veiled Leopard (EVERYTHING I WANT IN AN AUDIO, which is apparently: fancy dress parties, heists and inter-companion friendship/snarking. Eheu).

Finally, this week's episode:

Nightmare in Silver )

TL; DR not perfect, but then again nothing is. With the exception of some minor things it was perfect, well-paced, and just all around exciting fun.

Also, I've been putting off the Classic Who watch for a while, but today I finally ventured into the Patrick Troughton era (which, together with Tom Baker's two last seasons, is the only one I haven't watched) with Power of the Daleks. Will hopefully get through The Highlanders tomorrow (JAMIE!).

(I've still only watched one season and a half of Blake's 7. And have s. 5 of SJA left. Ahahaha. *Rolls away*)
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... "A particularly cruel method was to catch a snake, stick a needle and a thread through both of its eyes and then let it go. The man murmured during this despicable ritual a verse, for example:

"Like the snake longs for its sight,
So you shall always long for me".

He then fastened the needle to the woman's clothes, in the hope that a strong, burning love would soon light up in her heart."

- Ebbe Schön, "Folktro om Ödet och Lyckan" (2002).

... Love magic. It is kind of terrifying.

Poor snakes.

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