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First of all: welcome to new friends from the friending meme! I kind of disappeared off the face of the earth of the last two days, as I for the first time in ages actually left the house and spent time with other people.

Remember how I should go to a museum? Well, friday I mostly spend quality time with friends and made the last arrangements for Dimensions in october (and kind of fixed my sleeping schedule by staying up for 24 hours straight), but yesterday [ profile] stalkerbunny and I went to the History Museum for the first time since they renovated.

(Turns out they weren't quite done renovating, but...)

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Big Finish needs to stop having sales. At this rate I'll never have money left at the end of the month ever again (please don't stop having sales).

Speaking of Big Finish, I finished listening to Shada today, which was. Good? Except they very very obviously haven't changed much of the script, which makes for a somewhat surreal listening experience as it's basically... lines very obviously written for Tom Baker coming out of Paul McGann's mouth. Idek.

As for the birthday, everything worked out fine. I turned twenty relatively anonymously, doing everything I'd planned to do and finished the day off by watching The Keys of Marinus, clutching my Black Death plushie and a cup of tea (also, early Terry Nation = baby's first teleportation bracelets? :P).

One of those things I'd planned to do was baking Pomegranate White Chocolate Chunk Cookies. There were Results.

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All in all, pretty successful weekend. My exam and consequent failure to memorise my course lit sufficiently is the only thing casting a shadow over it. :/
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Called in sick for work for the rest of the week, because I am feeling extraordinarily shitty. This means money will be scarce in February, probably... then again I'll be studying a course full-time next term so I will actually receive an allowance to even things out.

Did I forget to mention that? Apart from Ancient Greek, I'll be taking a course in "Life and Culture in Antiquity" and I'm really looking forward to it. :D

... I am not looking forward to the exam on Friday so much. I have reached the point where I have so many aspects floating around in my head I didn't recognise a verb in present middle indicative (that's very very basic stuff, for those who never got into linguistics).

Anyway, yesterday, I spent eight hours making a gingerbread house.

More accurately, [ profile] stalkerbunny, Radagasting and I spent eight hours in my kitchen making a gingerbread TARDIS.

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Eight hours is a bit long, but it should be pointed out that we went into this project with not much more than enthusiasm and cookie dough, so I think that it worked out all right. Also, we had to make an emergency run to the supermarket and eat dinner as well.

Overall, a hard day's work well paid off!
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Awwwright. Yesterday, [ profile] gluecookie and I went to the Army Museum, on a guided tour about the Swedish Empire and to see the new temporary exhibition about Poltava. There's been a lot of attention given to the commemoration year 1809-2009, but not much at all to 1709-2009. Which is interesting, because while the loss of Finland was important in shaping Sweden of today, I think the beginning of the fall of the empire was too?

I suppose there is a lot of shame connected to Poltava, but... Not even the Hetalia fandom has noticed this. Hello, guys? The Battle of Poltava?

Bought three books: one about the Dano-Swedish wars in the 1600s, one about ghosts and haunted places in Stockholm, and one about Greek myths and their function through the ages. ^^

Ah, and yes. Last post on Oslo. Here goes.

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Edit: leaving this open for a while... Also, I just realized that next week is the Pride week! And the Army Museum is contributing by showing a photo exhibition of three of our former regents as flaming gay. Sometimes I love my country.

Also, the National Museum of Historical Antiques are having tours about how the hetero norm have shaped our view on vikings, and how it REALLY was... :D

My combined geek and slash fangirl is showing.

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