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It's been almost two months since I updated here. Two months. I don't even have a particularly good excuse. I did disappear for almost two weeks in late july/early august when the family went on vacation; first to Krakow, and then to the Swedish west coast. Other than that I've mostly spent my time reading and actually haven't been online as often as I usually am. Which still doesn't explain my absence, especially since I have been doing some stuff as well...

A short breakdown of life right now: I've been back at uni since monday, and am taking a course in the history and culture of ancient Egypt *point to new icon*. It's really interesting so far, to have everything I learnt (and didn't learn) as a child filtered through an academic lens. My nine-year-old self would be happy to know that while I'm not exactly fulfilling her dream of becoming an egyptologist I'm doing the next best thing. :P

I've been reading a lot these last couple of months; most notably, I started the Rivers of London series (am eagerly awaiting the release of Foxglove Summer this month!!) and have picked up Discworld again for the first time in years (the City Watch books are so good! How did I manage to miss them? I've only read the first three so far but they're really wonderful).

As for Doctor Who, I am loving the new series. For the first time in ages I am actually... looking forward to new episodes. Peter Capaldi is just lovely, Clara has really grown into her own and the episodes have been good. V. strange. Am tentatively eyeing the 12th Doctor novels to be released next week. >___>

I'm going to try to be more attentive now when summer is over, even if it's just making short life updates.
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A short-ish list of stuff I've been doing instead of updating here (shame on me):

- Acquired PhotoShop and started making graphics. I am under no illusions of being a PS wizard, but considering I've only had it for a bit more than a month I think I'm doing fairly well (especially considering I make Classic Who graphics and very seldom have the luxury of high quality pictures......).

I think it's also been very important to me to have this thing where I can be creative without pressure. With writing and drawing, I've grown up with it and demand a lot from myself, which inhibits my ability to actually be productive. I don't have as much problem with perfectionism as I used to (thank you therapy) but it's still something very deeply ingrained. I wrote one fic last year that passed 1k and that wasn't for lack of time.

With PhotoShop, however, I am a complete n00b. If I fuck up, or it doesn't turn out the way I wanted it do, I'm... strangely okay with that. And that's refreshing, and encouraging, and doesn't make me feel like shit. So I'm really enjoying it.

- Signed up for [ profile] dw_allsorts, a new Doctor Who prompt table community, which has also been very nice and low-pressure so far. I've started with a tiiiny 3 prompt table, which is encouraging in its simplicity. Hopefully I'll be able to slowly work my way up towards 20 one table at a time. So if you like Doctor Who and producing fanworks, consider signing up!

- Uni is horrible and I suck at higher education forever-- okay, no, not really, but I've somehow managed to double-book myself (actually that's completely the institution's responsibility and not mine, just because I don't happen to study to become a teacher) and have to take the next two courses simultaneously (and buy course lit to match). On top of that I have a home exam this week that I haven't read all the books for and the exam for the last course I didn't take on friday next week. April is going to be... interesting.

- I'm turning 21 on saturday. My age will be divisible by 3 and that is terrifying.

- Probably a lot of things have happened I've forgotten to write about here. Terrible. I'll try to do better from now on.
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- New term and new course started this week, which has been a lot more intense than I'd reckoned. At least one paper (only 500 words, luckily) per week plus group assignment plus A LOT of reading. Which usually might be fine, but I'm studying for an exam I didn't take in december, so I feel a bit strained. So far I haven't fallen behind though; another week and I expect I'll adapt.

In a way, it's nice to have strict routines. While I handle stress badly, and it's terrible not being able to do the things I want to do, there's a masochistic part of me that thrives on productivity. Getting Shit Done, even at the cost of my own comfort zone, can be rewarding.

- We're starting off with a more thorough course on hinduism and buddhism than the A course provided, which is... confusing but interesting so far. Yesterday's lecturer was a German Indologist specialised in the Vedas, which was particularly interesting since she was mainly a linguist (did you know that the names of Vedic deities have been found on clay tablets as far west as the Mitanni and Hittite kingdoms? I didn't, but finding out was awesome). So it's fun. So far.

- I got a student apartment! Or rather, I've got the dibs on one, as I haven't moved in yet, seeing how I got the mail just this morning. But I've replied saying HOLY SHIT YES I want it, so now all there's left is to wait. And try to wrap my head around the fact that I'll move to Uppsala within two weeks, probably.

- I finished the Engelsfors trilogy and I have a lot of emotions but no one to share them with because I don't know anyone else who's finished the series. :(((
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"If future, potentially existing individuals are giving moral weight in discussions about climate, they should also be given a say in discussions about abortion"

Please tell me you got those PhDs from the internet. It's ok, I won't tattle. I just need to retain a little faith in humanity.

Alternately, you could tell me where you got those drugs, because they sure seem effective.
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Life continues and I continue to be ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at updating this thing.

- Had an exam this friday, located a 45-minute walk from the central station in Uppsala. At 8 AM. So I got up at 4. This worked out surprisingly well, actually; I'm feeling mostly confident I'll pass. I don't really feel that I have time to worry, as I have two more exams this month...

- Somehow managed to convince sis to watch Ghost Light AND Remembrance of the Daleks with me-- perhaps she was feeling charitable that day. I don't think she was overly enthused, but she seemed quite taken with Seven and Ace's relationship (and Seven's sweater). I mean, she said she'd leave the room if I put on another serial but didn't, so I must've done something right. That or she was simply too tired to leave. :P

- [personal profile] stalkerbunny and Anja came over yesterday; we bought a pumpkin and had a pumpkin party. By which I mean we spent four-ish hours making pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds. They were four-ish hours very well spent. <3

- Finished Eight's audios with Mary Shelley today. This means I actually have less than 25 audios left of the main range? V. weird. The extent to which Doctor Who has become a part of my daily routine is actually ridiculous (and a teeny bit frightening).

- Attended NaNoWriMo meet-up here in Stockholm today! It was extremely encouraging-- I actually managed not to be completely socially awkward and exchange words with some people. But as always, the Word Wars are probably the most uplifting part. It's just rather empowering to me as a writer to find that I'm actually able to write something coherent in three minutes based on seemingly incompatible prompts.

And for the first year, we Stockholmers have our own equivalent of the Night of Writing Dangerously! We're supposed to have a sleepover in a cabin north of the city. Sadly, this is the 23rd of November, so I highly doubt I will attend because of obvious reasons.

(A girl sitting near me with a TARDIS wallet has a cry of despair when I pointed it out to her. We bonded a bit over that.)

- New course on the Bible and text interpretation beginning tomorrow. I'm going to have to start carrying a Bible around with me-- I assume this means I'm doing theology studies right.

- Going to see a Lovecraft musical (yes, really) with sis on friday. Also going to start NaNo on friday. And the friday after that, I have another exam. We'll see how this goes, if it goes at all. :P
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So in the middle of this week's excitement - the presumed-missing-now-presumably-recovered Classic Who episodes - I thought that instead of writing a really boring update about what I've been up to at uni lately, I'd kill time by sharing a venerable piece of university history with you.

Namely, the proud legacy of my own faculty, directly (and very quickly) translated from the Swedish Wikipedia article: the legend of Elof Sundin.

Elof Sundin is a fictional Uppsala student whose presumed presence has come to make its mark on the city's student life. He was born in 1943, studied theology and belonged to Norrland nation.

Sundin's presence started to take form at the institute for theology in the latter half of the 1960s. In Old Testament exegetics, there was a course with rollcall, whereupon the teacher by misreading called out the name "Elof Sundin". No one answered. When this was repeated in two more lessons someone started saying "yes". The matter continued. Elof Sundin's continued existence began to take shape and his name was written on attendance lists, exams were handed in in his name and was written onto different protest lists whenever the opportunity arose. According to the legend exams were handed in in his name in all subjects and he actually acquired a bachelor's degree in theology.

Read More )

Since the college year 2011/2012 the theology students' council at Uppsala University distribute a prize named after Elof Sundin, Elof Sundin's prize. It is according to the students' council given to a student who has "distinguished him- or herself by promoting a nice atmosphere, a spirit of comradery or good working environment among the students at the Theological Institute".
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Went... surprisingly well, considering I only slept for four hours at most. We're not actually doing much of anything this week, just introduction to the subject, the faculty and each other. Not much else to say about it, really; Uppsala is still a beautiful city, and not too hard to navigate with a couple of landmarks in mind (but a map in hand helps, of course).

Overall, I feel the reception from Uppsala has been quite different from that at Stockholm; at SU everything felt a lot more to-the-point and efficient, while UU has sent a whole bunch of pamphlets and broschures with information about everything from an actual map to student health to the university pubs. A lot of things you at SU had to look up for yourself. I suspect this has more to do with the fact that I'm studying a proper programme now rather than a single course, but it's still a nice change (if a little overwhelming, what with all the cries of "go forth and socialise").

High-light of the day was the course administrator (whose lectures I won't be attending until december, boo) casually mentioning how much she liked sci-fi during the presentation. And then afterwards we ended up talking about religion in all sorts of things from Doctor Who to Frankenstein. <3 She mentioned getting a discussion group together at some point if more people were interested, which. Squee!

This was after talking about an article she's writing about some of Margaret Atwood's novels and telling me to send her an e-mail if I wanted to take a preliminary look at it. Which? Is awesome?? But also terrifying. I graduated last year, I don't have any good opinions yet. o__o;

All in all, a good start. Let's hope it stays that way tomorrow.
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Stuff I need to fix in preparation for uni:

- Quit my job (currently trying to write the mail. It's not going very well, since I've never had to quit my job before).

- Apply for student's allowance (asap)

- Acquire course lit (all books reserved from the library bar one)

- Acquire the traveling cards I need (SDFGHJKL DO NOT WANT)

I'm going to Uppsala university this term, as Stockholm university doesn't have the program I wanted to read; Uppsala is a city located about 50-60 minutes north of Stockholm, outside the county border, which makes public transport a bit of a bitch. Basically, you can buy a 30-day-travel card for both Stockholm and Uppsala county, but it... costs more than a thousand SEK (about a hundred pounds). For students.

Still, I'm pretty sure that's still cheaper than actually living there. Which is both expensive, hard to find, and I'd still need to pay for some kind of travel cards in both counties if I want to go home over the weekends. On the other hand, not living in Uppsala is a lot more inconvenient, seeing as it'll take four hours there and back per day.

I'm still not sure whether I've made the right decision re: housing, but. In that case I'll know what to do next term.

Today I cleaned my room for the first time in you don't want to know how long. Go me. Will try to go to bed relatively early in order to re-establish my normal sleeping schedule; might go up early to shop for groceries and bake some. I swear anything I bake in this house disappears within the next 24 hours.

Big Finish update:

The Haunting of Thomas Brewster, Assassin in the Limelight, The Death Collectors & Spider's Shadow, The Boy That Time Forgot, The Doomwood Curse )
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Exactly what it says on the tin.

Breaking news first: my university application went through. Starting this autumn, I'll have three years of religious studied at Uppsala university. I don't think there's much to say about this except: squee!

I don't really have much to say about the week that's passed; it was enjoyable, but we didn't really do much. We stayed in a village called Massouri on the island Kalymnos, outside of Kos. Unless you're into rock-climbing, the most strenuous activities available for tourists were sunbathing and plain old bathing. So I've mostly lazed about in the sun, eaten delicious food and read books all week.

(I would've bathed, but salt water is, apparently, terrible for my eczema. I was not aware of this because I seldom get eczema in summer, and when I go swimming here it's usually in fresh water. Because of that, I somewhat foolishly never realised bathing in salt water with dry and irritated skin is literally pouring salt in wounds...).

Haven't taken any photos either, because... frankly I sort of forgot. And I didn't really get the urge to, either.

I have finished five books:

- Shada (the recent novelisation by Gareth Roberts, which was enjoyable enough I suppose)
- Placebo Effect by Gary Russell(a completely random EDA I picked mostly because Wirrn frankly scare the shit out of me-- it was also ok)
- The Secret History by Donna Tartt (The Completely True Account of What Happens To Classics Students, obviously; I greatly enjoyed it)
- H. G Wells' The Time Machine (this week's classic, I guess; interesting in a genre-shaping sort of way, but otherwise pretty dull)

Also started Blue Remembered Earth by Alistair Reynolds, but haven't finished it yet. So far I've read 32 out of 50 books for the 2013 Reading Challenge on GoodReads. That's already heaps better than last year, when I only managed 21 books in twelve months.

Also, speaking of books, guess what was waiting in the mail (well, at the nearest supermarket for us to fetch anyway)?

More books )

All in all, a nice vacation, if uneventful. Now I just have to decide what to do with my continued existence...
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For once I was actually up to a bunch of stuff last week, which is why it's strange that I actually have nothing to write here. The uni flea market went... okay, I guess; didn't get rid of nearly as many books as I would've liked, but did earn 30 bucks. Hardly a waste of time.

In this year's edition of "is it a cold or is it hayfever?" I've been kept awake until 4 AM/alternately woken up at least three times per night because I can't breathe through my nose. Did manage to drag myself to our last seminar (and conveniently missed the bit where I was supposed to hold a presentation I hadn't prepared, cough), which was held at the Mediterranean Museum.

Unlike last time we were there, where we got a pretty basic guided tour, this time we talked more about the layout of the actual museum, the preservation of the objects and the relationship between the public and the exhibitions (as opposed to us academics, who get our fingers on everything and prioritised differently :P).

Thoughts about mummies )

After the tour we got to try a more hands-on approach as a conclusion to this course, which means I have literally got my (gloved) hands on more than 2000 years old pottery. The ten-year-old in my squeed like the girl I was (and, let's be honest, still am). Almost made me seriously reconsider my decision to go into religious studies rather than archaeology. :'3

So now I've got my last exam coming up next week, and after that... well, who knows. It's summer break, or something that constitutes as one, after all. Hopefully I'll get around to writing.

I should also really brush up on my Latin. And Ancient Greek. And, uh, should try to learn French, or perhaps German. And why did I drop Russian now again? Decisions, decisions. Maybe I should make a poll for y'all to decide. :P
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- Hotmail has been putting me off ever since... forever, actually, but most recently they've removed MSN and "upgraded" to Outlook. Which means that today I finally caved in and got gmail, and I should really get around to changing my adress on a bunch of sites (even if you can connect it to the old one, it feels more proper). Bleugh.

- The exam I skipped is next friday, which is sooner than it actually should be, but I'm strangely enough not feeling particularly bothered by this-- perhaps because we've started talking about Hellenism and I find I'm rather enjoying it?

I haven't been jumping in my seat since we finished with the Bronze Age, but I find the Hellenistic world, the strong interaction between cultures and increasing awareness of the outside world very compelling, and the eclectic art styles very interesting. So it's fun (and this month's Companion Chronicle is the original Team TARDIS at the library of Alexandria! Way, way too late/500 AD, but still a bit appropriate and definitely a treat for me).

- Speaking of Big Finish, last week, after eight years of internet paranoia, I caved in and installed uTorrent (which should actually be myTorrent, because it's the Greek letter my on their logo, but no one seems to refer to them as this? Whatev) to download the main range. THERE ARE 171 OF THEM RELEASED SO FAR AND I AM A POOR STUDENT. I COULDN'T RESIST ANY LONGER.

So, I've been listening to the ones I haven't already in order (so far). Quick, non-spoilery opinions cut for length:

Whispers of Terror, The Land of the Dead, The Fearmonger, The Genocide Machine, Red Dawn )

I'm a terrible completist, and so far I've listened in order, but very soon I think I'll start skipping ahead a bit. Partly because some of the early ones I'm... either really uninterested in, or have heard terrible things about. But also because Five isn't my favourite. Which doesn't mean I won't listen to his audios, but it does mean most of the early audios I haven't heard are Five audios, and I don't really feel like listening to, like, five of those in a row.

I'm also almost finished with the first season of Jago & Litefoot, which has been enjoyable. And I still have The Last Post to listen to, which... I've mostly been putting off because then I'll have run out of Liz audios. And there won't be any more. Ever. :(
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- National Poetry Writing Month is apparently a thing that exists. Watch me succumb to temptation before monday. At least it'll be less time-consuming than NaNo (see, it doesn't say it has to be good poetry...). Speaking of poetry...

- Thirteen Ways of Looking at Space/Time by Catherynne M. Valente (is actually prose, but rather lovely prose, so there's that).

- The Guardian posted an article about Why Doctor Who needs more female writers that completely failed to answer the question "why does Doctor Who need more female writers?". So I made my own list on Tumblr.

- Have discovered I'm not as bad at multi-tasking while listening to audio plays as I thought (though I still think I can't focus quite as well on what's going on when I'm doing Other Stuff). So this week I've got a fair bit of drawing done while finishing season 3 of Gallifrey, which has been... interesting WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE ON THIS PLANET sdfjgllgökjvskhc no.

- Finally applied for Religious Studies at Uppsala university come autumn, with the second part of my current course as back-up. Next stage of this course begins on tuesday, and this time I honestly think it will be less intense; at least if you can measure a course by the amount of pages we have to read. So hopefully the amount of stuff I have to read won't feel too heavy, despite the exam still looming.
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Finally caved in and contacted my teacher re: the exam on wednesday and am currenly waiting for a reply. I basically told her some unforeseen family plans over the easter weekend have popped up and I won't be able to be present this week.

I hate, hate putting these things off, especially when they are difficult, but I've felt so bad about my abilities this weekend despite frenetic studying all week something had to give, and my mental health wasn't going to be it. If I don't perform as well as I hope once I actually write it, at least I can say I've tried to the best of my abilities.

To alleviate my emotional turmoil (and to wish me a belated birthday) [personal profile] stalkerbunny visited yesterday and ended up spending the night. We watched The Reign of Terror; wonderful historical (the Doctor's bitchin' hat and cape, the surprisingly sympathetic portrayal of Robespierre and Barbara telling Ian off about reading a history book before passing judgment on the people of the past are three of my favourite things) but THE ANIMATED EPISODES LOOK AWFUL OH GOD I PREFER RECONS OVER THOSE ABOMINATIONS. Have actually received my mother's blessing to record fanmade Who episodes in the garden out of pure pity because of the terrible quality of the animation.

But also, [personal profile] stalkerbunny is a star and annually makes me feel terrible about never being able to approach her level of birthday present awesomeness. Behold:

AU in which the OTP travels all of time and space in a cookie jar )

I have the best friends.

On the antiquity front, ITV2 is airing a sitcom set in Ancient Rome as of today. While I'd love a show that explores the everyday side of Roman life, in a comedic light or not, my first impression is that this show is going to be to Rome what The Big Bang Theory is to geeks. I e really just regular sitcom tropes and jokes in a different, but ultimately not unrelatable, setting. Which kind of defeats the point of what enjoyment I'd get out of a series like that.

Still, I haven't seen it and I might yet try to, so consider this a signal boost, fellow history nerds.
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The exam went... fine. Better than I expected? It hasn't been graded yet, but I know I passed. So that's good. The next course on Archaic and Classical Greece started today, and hopefully I'll be able to juggle this one better. Hopefully. Especially as I have so many fan projects to finish (though only the fic for [community profile] unconventionalcourtship and my illustration for 50 Years of Whovians are things I've committed to/have proper deadlines).

Also since last: do you remember that short list of recipes I vowed to try? Well, I've made smoky roasted cauliflower twice since I posted that, so you should. Try that one. Because it's delicious, if you like cauliflower.

(Today there was almost no easily available food at home, so I whipped up some... tomato puré with onions and kidney beans and salsa in a pot. A culinary genius, I am not.)

As far as the F-List goes, hello F-List! Roughly a third of you have been back from Gally for almost a week now. :D It's been fun to see everyone having... well, fun. Though it does remind me how much I miss convention culture sometimes, especially now when I have close friends I would be comfortable with hanging out with.

Con culture in Sweden is 90% anime & manga-related, and the other 10 is mostly gaming, and the rest of Northern Europe isn't much better. I was never very good at the social part of conventions, but I do rather miss the idea, the atmosphere and the mere concept of an event aimed at fans, where you're surrounded by people who understand your interests. The closest place I could get to that these days would probably be somewhere in the UK, and I don't exactly have the resourced to pop over there. :/

So that's a bit sad. I guess I'll have to do with watchalongs and excessive imbibing of tea withing my own social circle for now. :P

Fan-wise I've found myself positively swamped by things to watch and listen to lately, Idek how I am getting through it all. It's almost becoming exhausting; whenever I'm not studying or online I'm trying to catch up on a billion Companion Chronicles, or Gallifrey audios, or watching Blake's 7... geek life is so hard, you guys.

And, because of a gifset of that one scene at the end of Planet of Fire, have some... weirdly disjointed Five!meta written past midnight?

Crossposting here in the vain hope someone will actually care, because meta on Tumblr is like screaming all my fandom thoughts into the dark abyss of the internet and hoping something echoes back.

Resurrection of the Daleks/Planet of Fire/The Caves of Androzani )

(I wish I could meta properly. If I could, I would write all my zomg!deep thoughts about The Curse of Fenric, which is lovely and meaty and which I watched for the first time since July today.)
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In the continuing adventures of "Mathilda fails at uni (and life, a little)", the course lit I ordered for Greek class arrived today. Not sure what would be more expensive; paying for the books or for sending them back... But bleh. I don't really want to complain all the time, so I can't imagine any of you want to read that. MOVING ON:

- Been listening to Anaïs Mitchell's album "Hadestown" all morning (because of this Tumblr post, which also have Youtube and download links, hint hint) and I just. It's a post-apocalyptic re-telling of the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice? With folk music?? With Ani DiFranco as Persephone (and a bunch of other talented artists too)??? IT IS BASICALLY PERFECT.

- Have started watching Blake's 7, which I think I forgot to mention last time. I'm only four episodes in so I... don't feel I have that much to say about it yet except that I'm enjoying it, and it's getting better and better, so. I am pleased! (I was going to say "also watching something that isn't Doctor Who, haha", but then again... if an episode is written and edited by Terry Nation and Chris Boucher, it's probably halfway to counting as a Who episode already).

- Because I started trawling my food tag on Tumblr (which is actually 90% sweets and pastries, sad but true) and because I really need to try some new things, especially now when I actually have time to make a proper lunch/dinner, here are bookmarks; feel free to tell me about the result if you try any of them. :9

Six recipes )

Also, friendly reminder that the gift meme is still open. Are you sure none of you want free stuff? (I promise I won't police who reposts the meme or not :P).
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Last week was... not too great. I quit Greek, for one, which didn't do much in the way of encouragement. I don't really regret I did it, because I really don't think I would have managed that sort of workload without crashing sooner or later, and I sort of owe it to myself not to let it go that far. Still, I hate the feeling of never completing anything, letting every task I undertake remain half-done.

So that's been the main fuel behind my depressive state since thursday. Which means I've spent the entire weekend curled up in bed listening to audio plays, when I wasn't desperately trying to finish an assignment I should've started at least five days before handing it in.

Haven't been working either, and probably won't in February. Will probably have time to feel bad about that later, too.

IN MORE RIVETING NEWS, [community profile] unconventionalcourtship "is a panfandom fic fest where you write and post a 1000w+ fic based on a M&B/Harlequin plot. Fics will be posted to this community, staggered through March 15th-April 14th 2013.". So if this isn't the most awesome fic fest you've ever heard of, then... you probably shouldn't sign up. Except you totally should. Because it will be awesome (and lolarious, probably).

Speaking of sign-ups, I now have a GoodReads account. Hopefully this means I'll be more encouraged to read this year; feel free to add me. Though I haven't nearly completed the list of everything I've read... and probably won't. Meh.

In Whovian news, the return of the Ice Warriors has been confirmed; I was excited about this for about the 1.5 seconds it took me to find out the episode will be written by Mark Gatiss. *Shot* Still, they're one of my favourite Who monsters, so hopefully he won't disappoint and I... won't be too critical.

Also, a list of release dates for Classic Who DVDs in 2013 includes The Mind of Evil, Terror of the Zygons, The Ice Warriors and Scream of the Shalka. I forgot to be CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC about this and ran around the entire floor + facedived into bed before I remembered. :D

It does seem too good to be true but then I realised most people don't care about Scream of the Shalka at all so right now I'm mostly focusing on being pissed off about the amount of Pertwee serials I already own and adore getting Special Editions. :P
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- Not doing too well at this uni thing so far; if I can't make it through February, I think I'll have to quit Greek. I don't want to, but my workload isn't really managable at this point and I can't afford the stress. I was close enough to another depressive slump before Christmas, I don't want to jump head first into another not even three months later. :/

(I've been sort of... not entirely here for the past week and probably forgotten to reply to tons of comments and entries, and I'm sorry about that.)

- On the other hand, procrastinating (as I have a bad tendency to do when I don't want to confront the reality of my studies) means I start putting my effort into things I shouldn't be doing, such as drawing. So far: slashy Claws of Axos illustration that I started and never finished months ago now coloured, lineart for Femslash February done aaannd... am currently sketching fanart of Cycladic fresco.

Also known as: my life, in three images.

- In honour of the last, and new-found, Plantagenet:

(Shut up I haven't seen anyone make a Horrible Histories reference yet, I had to make my own).

I tried.

Feb. 1st, 2013 05:50 pm
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- Failed to produce something for [community profile] who_at_50/who_at_50 in January. Cue guilt. I didn't foresee the massive amount of work I'd have to put into uni, especially at the beginning of term. So uh, I guess I'll try harder for February? Though I'm not sure it'll be what I'd originally planned, due to time restrictions... I might cave to temptation and write Liz/Rani... it's Femslash February, just sayin'.

- I also failed to even begin reading Option Lock for the henriettastreet readalong... a shame, as Xenophon's Anabasis is possibly the least riveting classic I've ever read, and that's what I've been trying to get through for most of the month.

- First class in Ancient Greek last night could have gone off to a better start, but it's... probably going to work out. I just don't know where I'm supposed to find the time to go through all the grammar as well as translating texts every week in between reading the bizarre amount of chapters I get for Antiquity. *Sigh* I'll manage, somehow.

- There should probably be something positive in this post... but I can't think of anything.
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- Antiqity studies Day 03: EVERYTHING IS INTENSE BUT SO MUCH FUN. I am simultaneously wondering if this course will seduce me onto the path of archaeology and becoming more and more assured that religious studies is My Thing.

- Most notably, I was reminded today of my love for Egyptian mythology; an old obsession rearing its head again, to be frank (when I was ten I wanted to be either an egyptologist or Sekhmet, Goddess of War - it was a tough choice, okay). I think that makes it even more compelling, actually; being able to revisit something you loved as a child and being able to develop a new understanding of it with age.

- Finished listening to Love and War!

Thoughts )

- Not sure what I am listening to next; I've got the rest of the Special Releases (UNIT Dominion, Voyage to Venus and Voyage to the New World), Shada, plus a bunch of Companion Chronicles.

- [community profile] who_at_50 is doing the Tenth Doctor / UNIT as themes this february (so if you haven't already joined, you should probably do that). Sadly, this means I have no excuse not to write my Liz-Shaw-vs-the-Rani case fic. So I better come up with a plot for that asap. 8'I

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