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I seem to have this problem where I, as soon as I neglect posting anything here, don't post anything again until months later. The December Talking Meme was supposed to prevent that, but obviously that didn't work. To the people whose questions I never got around to answering: I'm really sorry! It had nothing to do with you.

I was kind of busy around Christmas due to... it being Christmas, and I started feeling depressed around New Year's. I somehow struggled through January, but with the new courses starting I couldn't really help but crash a bit. I still attend all my lectures, but I barely study and it's getting harder and harder to do basic tasks like cooking and cleaning... I'm just constantly drained.

It's not all bad though-- well, depending on your definition of bad; I've been getting into anime and manga again, of all fucking things. It's been what, eight years? Eight years since I read manga and watched anime regularly. And yet here I am, eight fucking years later, crying buckets over Hikaru no Go (and no, EIGHT YEARS HAVE NOT REDUCED THE PAIN).

Strange how things turn out in life.

And next week is the premier of The Circle (the movie based on the Swedish YA novels, not the Eggers book). May I just say how stoked I am that we're getting an Especially Written For Movie Song like all the cool movies these days? Except with The Hives instead of Ed Sheeran (which is a better deal tbh) doing a Johnny Cash-esque number about young witches who have to save the world?? HOW GREAT IS THAT??? VERY GREAT. VERY GREAT INDEED.

(The Hives are from the same town as one of the authors, upon which the fictional town of Engelsfors in the books is based, which makes it Even Greater).

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Life has been... super-hectic the past couple of months. I've maintained my Tumblring pretty well, but LJ/DW has kind of been left in the dust. This has at least partly to do with the fact that reblogging shit on Tumblr is just considerably less effort than trying to be interesting in a blog post. Which is somewhat ironic, because I've had a lot of stuff going on ever since I moved.

So uh, that's a thing. I moved! I no longer have to spend four hours per day on public transport! I live in Uppsala most days of the week and usually go home over the weekends. I don't see the guys in my dorm that often, but the girls have been very welcoming and we get along well. Everything else (studies, mental health, all being so-so) is details.

A lot of other stuff has happened as a result, and some regardless of that-- for example, I went to Dimensions in Newcastle and met People Who Play Characters I Adore (v strange) and am going to the Stockholm Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Gaming Convention this weekend to see Colin Baker (much less strange after Newcastle). Fandom life overall has been pretty weird and meh lately.

Anyway, since everyone's doing it and it'd give me a good incentive to start updating here again, I thought I'd do the December Talking Meme. Basically: give me one or more questions/topics/requests (+ a date, if you want to, or I'll just pick one at random) and I will talk about that (and/or post pictures). If I don't get any suggestions I'll just... try to come up with topics myself.

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I did a thing last night! [ profile] eve11 did a Doctor Who voice meme, and I recorded my answers... way, way too late at night really. Ended up with 30 minutes of running time in which I say the word "really" a lot. >____>

In the almost 24 hours since I recorded it this has been linked over at [ profile] who_at_50 (*shakes fist*) but I'll still link the Horror Channel TV Spot (and a shorter, slightly different one).

Also: started reading Scales of Injustice (v.good so far) and listened to Walking To Babylon (I love Benny so much and I should. talk more about that when I've listened to more of her audios).
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I blame the Greeks for a lot of things.

This is may seem like something of a no-brainer; there are a lot of things to blame the Greeks for. Scholars have dedicated their entire careers to examine what things we are to blame the Greeks for and how. But on a personal level, I do think ancient Greek culture has provided me with life-shaping framework for two things:

1. Stories. This cornucopia of myths, epics, tragedies-- it's something I've grown up with since I was seven years old. It's still something that continues to influence the way I interpret and re-interpret the myths themselves, how they are used in modern media, everything.

2. Sex. Ridiculous, abnormal, innumeral sexual encounters.

And now we enter the land of self-reflection )
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Tomorrow, I turn twenty, so I guess I should write this entry while I still have time.

When I was younger, I was never really fond of my birthday. I didn't like the passing of time and I didn't really have any friends to celebrate with for most of my time in grade school. Now I don't much care, but the occasion always causes me to scrutinise myself more than usual... and necessary.

I don't like to think about it because that train of thought will inevitably lead me back to Station Depression; I don't want to think about the things have not achieved in twenty years of life. I don't know how to play an instrument, or speak more than two languages; I'm not a particularly proficient writer or artist. There are places I haven't seen and things I've never said.

But trying not to think about these things because I know how it will make me feel, I guess the one thing I have achieved is actually being aware of these things. And thereby having improved my life immensely.

(And no, of course I couldn't have done it alone, but then again - do we learn anything by ourselves properly?)

((Also I started skimming through an online course in elementary French.))

As for the actual birthday-- not much is going to happen. Sis is going to school (we share our birth date) as usual, so we won't really celebrate until the afternoon, and in either case dad is in Hong Kong because of work. So I'll probably spend most of the day sleeping, studying for the exam next week, and hopefully baking (white chocolate and pomegranate cookies! There might be photos).

And in the evening, I have to go with sis to her maybe-future-upper secondary school to fetch her submissions to the aesthetic alignment...

Could be worse, definitely. Could be turning sixteen, like she is.


Mar. 5th, 2013 09:00 pm
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- Made mushroom soup served with honey-drizzled chévre on toast. Yeah, I am that good. When I feel like making the effort.

- Finally bought tea with cinnamon and ginger.

- Studied more. The amount of literature we have for this course is insane; I thought they'd lighten the burden once we started focusing on Greece and Rome, but nope. I actually have more to read than before, which is doubly frustrating as I mostly read the same things in different books.

- Finished season one of Blake's 7. TERRY NATION TROPES, TERRY NATION TROPES EVERYWHERE I jest, I jest (only not really, but they're covered up by good writing and a lack of Daleks, so there's that); it's actually an extraordinarily well-written series, with great (and often snappy) dialogue and strong character beats. I have reached the point where I'm worrying that everything will get EVEN WORSE, but that's a good thing - it means that I care too much about the characters. Sadly, I suspect there's a conspicuous lack of gif sets on Tumblr.

As for why this series is awesome and you should all watch it so I don't have to feel like a n00b all by myself-- both [personal profile] lost_spook and [personal profile] aralias have made intro posts here and here.

- Did this meme on Tumblr, but frankly I want MORE RESPONSES (even though I haven't typed down my own yet, oops), so. Feel free to respond.

Put three words in my ask Comment with three words and one pairing and I'll write a five-sentences fic.
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The exam went... fine. Better than I expected? It hasn't been graded yet, but I know I passed. So that's good. The next course on Archaic and Classical Greece started today, and hopefully I'll be able to juggle this one better. Hopefully. Especially as I have so many fan projects to finish (though only the fic for [community profile] unconventionalcourtship and my illustration for 50 Years of Whovians are things I've committed to/have proper deadlines).

Also since last: do you remember that short list of recipes I vowed to try? Well, I've made smoky roasted cauliflower twice since I posted that, so you should. Try that one. Because it's delicious, if you like cauliflower.

(Today there was almost no easily available food at home, so I whipped up some... tomato puré with onions and kidney beans and salsa in a pot. A culinary genius, I am not.)

As far as the F-List goes, hello F-List! Roughly a third of you have been back from Gally for almost a week now. :D It's been fun to see everyone having... well, fun. Though it does remind me how much I miss convention culture sometimes, especially now when I have close friends I would be comfortable with hanging out with.

Con culture in Sweden is 90% anime & manga-related, and the other 10 is mostly gaming, and the rest of Northern Europe isn't much better. I was never very good at the social part of conventions, but I do rather miss the idea, the atmosphere and the mere concept of an event aimed at fans, where you're surrounded by people who understand your interests. The closest place I could get to that these days would probably be somewhere in the UK, and I don't exactly have the resourced to pop over there. :/

So that's a bit sad. I guess I'll have to do with watchalongs and excessive imbibing of tea withing my own social circle for now. :P

Fan-wise I've found myself positively swamped by things to watch and listen to lately, Idek how I am getting through it all. It's almost becoming exhausting; whenever I'm not studying or online I'm trying to catch up on a billion Companion Chronicles, or Gallifrey audios, or watching Blake's 7... geek life is so hard, you guys.

And, because of a gifset of that one scene at the end of Planet of Fire, have some... weirdly disjointed Five!meta written past midnight?

Crossposting here in the vain hope someone will actually care, because meta on Tumblr is like screaming all my fandom thoughts into the dark abyss of the internet and hoping something echoes back.

Resurrection of the Daleks/Planet of Fire/The Caves of Androzani )

(I wish I could meta properly. If I could, I would write all my zomg!deep thoughts about The Curse of Fenric, which is lovely and meaty and which I watched for the first time since July today.)
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It's nine o'clock in the evening and I'm... not sure where the day went? I've been starting things all day, opening files and books and notes and sketchpads without finishing anything, or even... doing anything other than skim or scribble.

Also spending... one hour in bed listening to an audio play after lunch, and another just lying there. Resting. Thinking. Waiting.

This wouldn't be a problem if I didn't have an exam on wednesday. Which, luckily, I think I've got a pretty good grasp of (though I should really rehearse some things), so I'm not having any guilt building up.

I don't even feel particularly depressed, and far from exhausted; simply unable to concentrate on anything productive for more than ten minutes in a row.


Our guinea pig died on Friday night, so sis was more withdrawn than usual. And with mum and dad away over the weekend it's been unusually quiet here. I had quite a lovely afternoon/evening despite that; ridiculously long meta discussions (there are def. high odds that there's a correlation between the amount of Prydonians who have become Presidents of Gallifrey and the amount of Prydonians who have flipped their lid) and sushi with a friend has that effect.

Also watched Image of the Fendahl and Ghost Light. The first with a good bit of chatting and laughing at unexpected satanic cults, the latter in quiet fascination (because while it's not as incomprehensible as fandom makes it out to be, you do have to keep track of everything that's going on).

Back to doing... something, I guess.
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- Not doing too well at this uni thing so far; if I can't make it through February, I think I'll have to quit Greek. I don't want to, but my workload isn't really managable at this point and I can't afford the stress. I was close enough to another depressive slump before Christmas, I don't want to jump head first into another not even three months later. :/

(I've been sort of... not entirely here for the past week and probably forgotten to reply to tons of comments and entries, and I'm sorry about that.)

- On the other hand, procrastinating (as I have a bad tendency to do when I don't want to confront the reality of my studies) means I start putting my effort into things I shouldn't be doing, such as drawing. So far: slashy Claws of Axos illustration that I started and never finished months ago now coloured, lineart for Femslash February done aaannd... am currently sketching fanart of Cycladic fresco.

Also known as: my life, in three images.

- In honour of the last, and new-found, Plantagenet:

(Shut up I haven't seen anyone make a Horrible Histories reference yet, I had to make my own).
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Came back from London and promptly collapsed into bed at 2 AM last night; have spent today mostly unpacking and Getting Shit Done.

Sadly I forgot the camera this time around, so now travel log I'm afraid. Suffice to say it was all very pleasant and if I even try to think about how much money we've spent I'll get nightmares, but it was my dad's 50th birthday, so I suppose some extravagance was in order (more than usual at least). Fun fact: I now know what bone marrow tastes like.

Finally managed to get Anabasis from the library, so hopefully I will have finished that before going back to Greek. My other new course this term begins the 22nd of January, and looks like it'll be a lot of fun. And expensive. Not sure how this term will work out, since I'll have less time to work than usual, but hopefully it will.

And I can't feel too upset about not being able to work as much. Even with all the time off over the holidays and because of depression these past months, the thought of going back makes me feel... not good. Urge-to-curl-up-in-bed-and-cry not good.

I also have a bazillion things I should be writing, including NaNo, which I chose to let cool off for a bit over Yuletide. I have so many ideas for fics, but most of them feel half-baked, so I never really get around to anything...

On the other hand, after visiting the library today I went and picked up some new art supplies, including sketchpads and... thick, coloured paper that was for sale. I was thinking I could do something crazy and creative (i e not like me at all) like cut-out art.

And if not, there's always drawing. Especially since I have a contribution for 50 Years of Whovians coming up in March, and it's never too late to get started on such things.
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Called in sick for work for the rest of the week, because I am feeling extraordinarily shitty. This means money will be scarce in February, probably... then again I'll be studying a course full-time next term so I will actually receive an allowance to even things out.

Did I forget to mention that? Apart from Ancient Greek, I'll be taking a course in "Life and Culture in Antiquity" and I'm really looking forward to it. :D

... I am not looking forward to the exam on Friday so much. I have reached the point where I have so many aspects floating around in my head I didn't recognise a verb in present middle indicative (that's very very basic stuff, for those who never got into linguistics).

Anyway, yesterday, I spent eight hours making a gingerbread house.

More accurately, [ profile] stalkerbunny, Radagasting and I spent eight hours in my kitchen making a gingerbread TARDIS.

Vworp vworp )

Eight hours is a bit long, but it should be pointed out that we went into this project with not much more than enthusiasm and cookie dough, so I think that it worked out all right. Also, we had to make an emergency run to the supermarket and eat dinner as well.

Overall, a hard day's work well paid off!
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Life is a bit up and down atm, both because of internal and external factors. So I'm not going to talk about those things, but focus on things that actually make me feel better about myself. There.

- Somehow, despite Yuletide refusing to cooperate, I've been feeling... better about my writing lately. I walk into bookstores feeling a strange mix of envy and excitement, marvelling at the new and shiny covers standing in rows on the shelves. I don't know what changed, but suddenly imagining myself as an author isn't strange at all - even though it's something I never let myself believe I could accomplish for almost ten years.

- Today I finally posted the last package that needed sending for Christmas. And it wasn't a particular hardship either, as the sun was shining, the air was crisp and the sky a brilliant shade of blue... Usually when I go walking in winter, it's to be somewhere on time, work or university. I'd probably enjoy it more if I went out for proper walks by myself.

- Translated a short letter by Epicurus. Exam in less than a week and I still haven't started studying properly, but somehow I'm not too worried about that.

- Made gingerbread cookie dough! While listening to Christmas music. Very cathartic, somehow, and I love the smell of ground cloves.

- Holly Black has a Tumblr. This makes me pretty happy, ngl - Holly Black was one of those authors whose work I connected to when I was younger, and in more recent times (being able to read her works in English) I have realised that's partly because she's basically a huge geek. c:

- If you aren't following [ profile] who_at_50 you probably should be, because it's a neat idea and shaping up to be great fun.

- Finished listening to The Nightmare Fair and started re-listening to Jubilee.

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