Mar. 5th, 2013 09:00 pm
regndoft: (Liz Shaw {She Blinded Me With Science})
- Made mushroom soup served with honey-drizzled chévre on toast. Yeah, I am that good. When I feel like making the effort.

- Finally bought tea with cinnamon and ginger.

- Studied more. The amount of literature we have for this course is insane; I thought they'd lighten the burden once we started focusing on Greece and Rome, but nope. I actually have more to read than before, which is doubly frustrating as I mostly read the same things in different books.

- Finished season one of Blake's 7. TERRY NATION TROPES, TERRY NATION TROPES EVERYWHERE I jest, I jest (only not really, but they're covered up by good writing and a lack of Daleks, so there's that); it's actually an extraordinarily well-written series, with great (and often snappy) dialogue and strong character beats. I have reached the point where I'm worrying that everything will get EVEN WORSE, but that's a good thing - it means that I care too much about the characters. Sadly, I suspect there's a conspicuous lack of gif sets on Tumblr.

As for why this series is awesome and you should all watch it so I don't have to feel like a n00b all by myself-- both [personal profile] lost_spook and [personal profile] aralias have made intro posts here and here.

- Did this meme on Tumblr, but frankly I want MORE RESPONSES (even though I haven't typed down my own yet, oops), so. Feel free to respond.

Put three words in my ask Comment with three words and one pairing and I'll write a five-sentences fic.

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