New Year's

Jan. 2nd, 2014 07:04 pm
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June is on her way home to Oslo, which means I'm officially free not to have a life outside the internet again (not that we spent hours browsing Tumblr together, noo...).

It's been a quiet almost-week, at least partly because of the sporadic opening hours of basically everything over New Years-- but I think we needed that time to just relax. Mostly we've spent time at home, watching movies and Doctor Who although we did go on a bookshop excursion on monday.

New Year's was spent away from home, at [personal profile] gluecookie's house. We made a three-course dinner (a shrimp sallad, baked potatoes with tuna and garlic butter, and gino with vanilla ice cream) and watched the Doctor Who TV movie (there is a Doctor Who story for every holiday!). Also played a round of DW Trivial Pursuit, which is really hard ("What does rapper 50 Cent have in common with a helicopter from The Daemons" IS AN ACTUAL QUESTION).

Other things watched this week includes Pacific Rim (finally! Not really disappointing, but not really what I was expecting either; Tumblr had made me expect more focus on the characters and less giant-robots-fighting-monsters. Luckily I think giant robots fighting monsters is pretty entertaining) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCHhhh) and The Empty Hearse (I'd... rather not talk about it *Twitch*).

And so, the new year. It's... strange. On one hand 2013 doesn't feel like it's been that long; on the other once I actually think about what I've done this year it's... a lot. Hmm. Some bumps, but a good year overall. Perhaps the best one yet!

I don't really have any New Year's resolutions, but I've promised myself to at least try to write more this year. 2013 has been an absolutely abysmal year writing-wise. Also, try to update LJ/DW more.

Coming up: an End-of-Year book meme and fanmix rec post (bless u 8tracks).


Jan. 1st, 2013 01:31 am
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Isn't it a bit ridiculous how I always have trouble writing things here except, apparently, when I shouldn't? As I'm leaving the country on Tuesday I won't have time to respond if I were to post an entry after tonight. Blah.

I suppose the end of the year is a time for contemplation on the time that has passed, as well as what lies ahead. As a rule, I don't like the passing of time; or perhaps I should say that it's always been hard for me to accept. I used to feel as if I was engaged in a constant race against it, always too slow and too far behind. I have a lot more self-distance these days (but it took an existential crisis and a couple of months in therapy to get there).

That being said, more has happened in 2012 than I can probably think of. I've had Georgian food in St. Petersburg, stopped by churches in Rome at ten PM to removed my shoes and translate Latin inscriptions and been assaulted by the weather in the Swedish archipelago. I've graduated from upper secondary school, written the most awesome thirty-page essay my school ever saw and made a new friend at the same time. I've started attending university and got my first proper job. I feel better about my writing and myself in general; I'm learning how to coper with my mental health issues better and better.

2012 has been a pretty good year, overall. Hopefully 2013 will keep up that trend.

2012 hasn't been a particularly good year for reading though; then again I somehow expect me to have as much time over to read as I did when I was a child, which skews the perspective a bit.

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