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Ok. Reading the first chapter of Catch 22 and post opinion in A course forum=Done. Also, almost finished the first of my two Swedish essays. :D

Therefore, I thought it was time for me to indulge myself and some other people on my F-List a little. Not counting the coke and chocolate next to me, that is. I remember telling (promising? o__o;) Finny amongst other people to make an entry here concerning the English edition vs the Swedish translation of Good Omens, comparing words and expressions and such. Last year, in fact. And today I finally had enough of severe procrastination to the point of ridiculousness and decided to write it.

Since I haven't actually *read* the Swedish edition, just skimmed through, I won't bring up every single difference between the two, just some of the more memorable quotes or that I find a little funny. Since I'm going to write both English and Swedish quote and then try to explain as detailed as possible the differnces it might end up quite long as well, so I'm not sure how many quotes I'll get done when I'm writing this.

Anyway, here's to dorkiness:

Det var en fin dag. )Conclusion: if you didn't think Crowley/Aziraphale had real basis in the book, read the Swedish version. Translations=Hilarity.


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