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Aah. It rained today. Happy times. <3 And mum doesn't work tomorrow, so we'll probably do something together, the entire family, and get some business done...

Anyway, I translated another one.

This story is a bit special because it's a tale only known in Swedish tradition, and not a variation of other stories or connected to a greater web of stories from Europe. People who know enough about the storytelling tradition know that that's very unusual.

The title is "Prästen och Klockaren"; I've translated "klockare" to precentor, which I'm not sure is totally accurate, but the closest I could get. A klockare was the person in church who rang and took care of the church bells, and a number of other services in the church; like the priest's handyman. I'm not sure is precentor is a modern term or not.

So, what do we learn today? )

Included the illustration this time. Adding the one for the other story as well, feel free to check if you're curious. :D
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Came back from Värmland yesterday, but... I don't feel like writing about it. I have a few photos from Mårbacka (Selma Lagerlöf's home and birthplace) I might post later if I feel like it, but right now... I'm tired and listless. I don't feel like doing anything much at all, to be honest. I've had a great and also a bit hard time down west, but it's been great. The stories I could tell somehow don't come out right when I think of writing them here though.

... If anyone wonders WHY I went to Värmland, it was to attend Arvikafestivalen. It's a music festival taking place in Arvika every year, and the big attraction this time was Depeche Mode. :D Whose concert was awesome, really, I've never been to a consert before... (Ranarim playing in a cottage in the middle of nowhere doesn't count, shut up. XDD)

Anyway, today has been... Quite shitty. I don't have anyone to talk to, I don't feel like doing anything, I'm just bored. Oh, but I did get new music today, which makes it better. Värttinä's Oi Dai (argh, now I've ordered all CDs of theirs I can get my hands on in the country, got to visit Amazon if I want more XDD) and Kraja's Under Himmelens Fäste. Folk music in a cappella. :D

However, I promised [ profile] kitsuneasika I would translate some stories from my collection of Swedish folktales... And here is the first one. It's a story with a motive known from well-known sources like the Grimm brothers to the old Norse tales and a Roman satire. Here in Scandinavian shape.

The original title is "Lärdom är bra men Lagom är bäst" (there is no proper translation of "lagom"; the closest is the word I've used) and it was recorded by Nils Gabriel Djurklou in 1884, in a dialectal version that is sadly lost in translation.

Happiness can not be bought, sold or, in this case, learned. )

(Leaving this entry public in case I'll post links when I've done more of this in communities.)

A rather short and hopefully amusing (and educating?) start. I promise I'll do more translations, as long as they don't turn out to be too much of a hassle. It was fun. :D

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