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- Apparently love poetry aimed towards a specific woman(mánsöngr) was forbidden on Iceland according to the Grey Goose Laws (so until mid-13th century). The reason is supposedly a conflation between poetry and galdr; reciting poetry could be seen as an attempt to urge a woman away from the control of her parents, and indirectly her place in society, by magic (marriages were mainly political in Norse society, so wooing an unmarried woman and thereby making her less likely to cooperate wasn't exactly seen as harmless compared to seducing someone who already had a husband).

There is no real point of me telling you this other than 1. it was mentioned in the book on Norse goddesses I finished yesterday, which I should definitely take notes on before returning to the library, because it was really informative and inspiring (sadly it's out of print so I can't actually buy it-- might have to look at retailers) and 2. I just find it really fascinating.

- It's been really hot these past couple of days, as if to make up for the fact that we had nothing but clouds and the occasional rain shower the two weeks before. Even I, who's usually a very enthusiastic sun worshipper, has to go inside after lunch (this is one of those rare situations where living in the basement is a very good thing). Despite this, mum insists I should weed the flowerbeds. *Shudder*

- Speaking of which, mum's friend is over and sort of caught me up on what one of her sons, who was my best friends for most of our childhood, is doing. Which is, apparently, having studied in London and currently living alone in a four-room apartment nearby. He's twenty. Meanwhile, I'm having trouble even deciding what I want to study properly and finding student housing, never mind an actual apartment. See also: can't find a summer job and spends the summer binge watching TV series, reading books and listening to audios.

- At least my sleeping schedule is fine again-- if anything, a little too fine. I usually get tired and end up in bed before 9 pm, and get out of bed at half past six (!).

- I finished the second Klein trilogy (if it can be called that); Persuasion, Starlight Robbery and Daleks Among Us, all of which are really stellar audios. Most of all, I enjoy the dynamic of this Team TARDIS-- Seven really does need companions around, doesn't he? Lest he goes overboard with the preemptive strikes, so to speak. Klein (Elizabeth? Have we symbolically switched to first-name basis to mark that she's not her nazi alternate self?) is also a very different, but interesting, female character (and hey, Daleks Among Us actually explains what happens at the end of Architects of History! ... kind of. A bit. Maybe not), but I think the addition of a bumbling character like Will really makes the dynamic. I'm really looking forward to more audios with them-- especially since the ending seems to indicate that they'll become more of a team from this point on.

(In particular, I find the contrast between Will - who's a very intelligent, but socially awkward, clumpsy, somewhat naive and idealistic young man - and older, frosty but exceedingly capable and adept Elizabeth refreshing, since their character traits are usually associated with characters of the opposite gender.)

Also: there is a statue of a naked Ace McShane wielding a baseball bat on a planet she and the Doctor helped liberate. Canon. Canon (Will's obvious concern that this happens a lot to the Doctor's companions also means that there is, of course, a naked statues of him as well somewhere. Rule of Funny demands it).


May. 19th, 2014 12:12 am
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Comment fic fest! I will try to fill some of the lovely Classic Who prompts... although I feel like anything I write would be too short/bad to be worth reading. Bleh.

This week has been... surprisingly stressful, considering I haven't done much of anything. Ordering tickets to Dimensions (yes, apparently I'm going to my first convention in like, six years-- not sure whether to be terrified or excited about that) means booking flights and place to stay in Newcastle has become a priority, which means money is a pressing matter, meaning getting a job seems more important than ever, especially if I have to move into student housing in august (if I get an apartment. Which I hopefully will).

I've applied to a job as guide at the National Museum of Economy on thursday, and although the woman I spoke to was very enthusiastic I haven't got a reply. Right now I feel like... maybe I should try to find more options, but it's so late my chances of finding anything are close to nil.

Went to Uppsala on thursday with [ profile] stalkerbunny for hopefully the last time before august to fetch a written assignment-- passed, incidentally, and am one of few people in class who doesn't have to complement it (yayyy). While there, we also visited the university library Carolina Rediviva to look at their exhibits (high points being: the Codex Argenteus and Olaus Magnus' Carta Marina), had pricy but worth it lunch at café (cheesecake w. ice cream and fresh fruit-- v good) and visited Uppsala Cathedral (still big. Sad the reliquaries weren't where they should be).

Other than that, I've listened to a lot of Big Finish-- I'm on the fifth season of Bernice Summerfield and have discovered the benefits of actually reading novel tie-ins (seriously-- how much better is Death and the Daleks when you've read Life During Wartime? the answer is: much better), about to start the second season of Sarah Jane Smith (the stories don't really grab me but Sarah and Josh have great banter? also it's interesting to compare to SJA; I like both, in different ways) and have started Jago & Litefoot season 7 (SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE I'm gonna marry this boxset).

Have spent today mostly talking about Six/Ainley 30s night club au, baby!fics, Swedish animated movies and Disney's interesting approach to copyright issues. Explained to sis why Star Trek counts as utopic fiction (and why utopias =/= boring world where everything is perfect) and ended up prompting doodles to each other.

Aaaand tomorrow is mum's birthday, which I frustratingly enough didn't forget, I just. Misread the calendar and didn't buy a present on time. 8)
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I've listened to some Companion Chronicles and felt inclined to share Opinions.

(The draft of this post has been lying around for... two weeks? maybe more. I felt it was time to post this entry so I could actually make an update about something else. >___>)

Major spoilers!

The Cold Equations + The First Wave, Guardian of the Solar System )

In other Big Finish-related news, I've started listening to the Iris Wildthyme and Bernice Summerfield ranges. I have not listened to Simon Guerrier's latest (The War To End All Wars, about Steven post-canon) because a part of my heart might just actually shrivel up and die.
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I don't know how many Gallifrey fans that hang out on my F-list rather than... you know, Tumblr, but I thought I'd post this here for posterity. And because I want you to know that this is either the worst or the greatest thing I've ever created. A stroke of genius or madness. We just can't tell.

I wrote a song. Or rather, I re-wrote a song, because Popular (from Wicked) is

a. not written by me

b. not actually about Braxiatel trying to convince Romana to become President of Gallifrey.

It is now )
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Life continues and I continue to be ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at updating this thing.

- Had an exam this friday, located a 45-minute walk from the central station in Uppsala. At 8 AM. So I got up at 4. This worked out surprisingly well, actually; I'm feeling mostly confident I'll pass. I don't really feel that I have time to worry, as I have two more exams this month...

- Somehow managed to convince sis to watch Ghost Light AND Remembrance of the Daleks with me-- perhaps she was feeling charitable that day. I don't think she was overly enthused, but she seemed quite taken with Seven and Ace's relationship (and Seven's sweater). I mean, she said she'd leave the room if I put on another serial but didn't, so I must've done something right. That or she was simply too tired to leave. :P

- [personal profile] stalkerbunny and Anja came over yesterday; we bought a pumpkin and had a pumpkin party. By which I mean we spent four-ish hours making pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds. They were four-ish hours very well spent. <3

- Finished Eight's audios with Mary Shelley today. This means I actually have less than 25 audios left of the main range? V. weird. The extent to which Doctor Who has become a part of my daily routine is actually ridiculous (and a teeny bit frightening).

- Attended NaNoWriMo meet-up here in Stockholm today! It was extremely encouraging-- I actually managed not to be completely socially awkward and exchange words with some people. But as always, the Word Wars are probably the most uplifting part. It's just rather empowering to me as a writer to find that I'm actually able to write something coherent in three minutes based on seemingly incompatible prompts.

And for the first year, we Stockholmers have our own equivalent of the Night of Writing Dangerously! We're supposed to have a sleepover in a cabin north of the city. Sadly, this is the 23rd of November, so I highly doubt I will attend because of obvious reasons.

(A girl sitting near me with a TARDIS wallet has a cry of despair when I pointed it out to her. We bonded a bit over that.)

- New course on the Bible and text interpretation beginning tomorrow. I'm going to have to start carrying a Bible around with me-- I assume this means I'm doing theology studies right.

- Going to see a Lovecraft musical (yes, really) with sis on friday. Also going to start NaNo on friday. And the friday after that, I have another exam. We'll see how this goes, if it goes at all. :P
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Stuff I need to fix in preparation for uni:

- Quit my job (currently trying to write the mail. It's not going very well, since I've never had to quit my job before).

- Apply for student's allowance (asap)

- Acquire course lit (all books reserved from the library bar one)

- Acquire the traveling cards I need (SDFGHJKL DO NOT WANT)

I'm going to Uppsala university this term, as Stockholm university doesn't have the program I wanted to read; Uppsala is a city located about 50-60 minutes north of Stockholm, outside the county border, which makes public transport a bit of a bitch. Basically, you can buy a 30-day-travel card for both Stockholm and Uppsala county, but it... costs more than a thousand SEK (about a hundred pounds). For students.

Still, I'm pretty sure that's still cheaper than actually living there. Which is both expensive, hard to find, and I'd still need to pay for some kind of travel cards in both counties if I want to go home over the weekends. On the other hand, not living in Uppsala is a lot more inconvenient, seeing as it'll take four hours there and back per day.

I'm still not sure whether I've made the right decision re: housing, but. In that case I'll know what to do next term.

Today I cleaned my room for the first time in you don't want to know how long. Go me. Will try to go to bed relatively early in order to re-establish my normal sleeping schedule; might go up early to shop for groceries and bake some. I swear anything I bake in this house disappears within the next 24 hours.

Big Finish update:

The Haunting of Thomas Brewster, Assassin in the Limelight, The Death Collectors & Spider's Shadow, The Boy That Time Forgot, The Doomwood Curse )
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- Yesterday I met up with not just one, but two people I am actually not related to (i e friends) for the first time in weeks. We continued the grand tradition of bitterly complaining about this world's injustices, made ice cream and watched Legally Blonde, which is possibly one of the best feel-good movies ever.

- I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale. Those of you who have Tumblrs might've seen it around, as the fandom seems to have sprung up virtually overnight. For those of you who haven't--

Welcome to Night Vale is a horror/comedy podcast probably best described with words like "bizarre" and "Fantasy Kitchen Sink" (WARNING: TV Tropes link). The show is told in the format of a radio broadcast hosted by the protagonist Cecil Baldwin, who matter-of-factly reports on the various news, events and eldritch abominations that's part of the community life in the desert town of Night Vale (as well as the activities of Cecil's crush, Carlos the scientist). The comedy largely stems from the sheer absurdity of the events and the fact that the citizens of Night Vale are so desensitised to them that they often seem more concerned with completely mundane matters.

It's a strange little show that might be a bit hard to get into, but personally I'm enjoying it very much. The podcast is available free for streaming and download on iTunes, so anyone interested should definitely check it out. :)

- I've listened to BFAs less and less frequently the past month. Thus I have neglected the short non-spoilery reaction posts I got into the habit of making earlier this year. As I've now *cough*torrented*cough* acquired more of them, without further ado...

*Deep breath*

Minuet in Hell, Loups-Garoux, Renaissance of the Daleks, I.D. & Urgent Calls, Valhalla, The Wishing Beast & The Vanity Box, Frozen Time, Son of the Dragon, 100, Absolution, The Mind's Eye & Mission of the Viyrans, The Girl Who Never Was, The Bride of Peladon, The Condemned, The Dark Husband )
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It's that time of the week again.

No Man's Land, Year of the Pig, Circular Time, Nocturne )

Only four audios this week; in my defense, I've been busy reading (finished The Scarlet Empress) and watching and... studying. Also sleeping.
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- Eurovision Song Contest happened and made me want to die inside. This is why we should never win, we will just inevitably embarrass ourselves by being smugly superior about our alleged progressiveness (while simultaneously displaying exactly what needs working on-- pro-tip SVT, you don't fucking perform a parodic song that mentions Swedish egalitarianism with a dozen half-naked women dancing in the background). Buuuut what did I expect from a program led by Petra Mede? Idk. I think I'm taking this way too seriously (no I'm not, sexism should always be taken seriously).

Otherwise it was enjoyable though, in a... Eurovisiony sort of way. >___>

- My iPod is behaving strangely; it tends to skip a set track in an album (usually the first, but not always) regardless if how many times I press it. Then when I've played through the album, it usually works again. So it's not that the file is corrupted, or the touch screen is messed up, it just... doesn't want to cooperate. A mild annoyance at best, but might be problematic if I want to listen to audio plays I don't have in audio book format. :/

- The Myth of the Classic Companion is a thing I wrote for the Feminist Doctor Who Tumblr, because Classic Who needs more meta and I am so done with that particular trend.

- Apparently Yahoo bought Tumblr and I have no idea how to feel about that. As long as things don't *gulp* change, I guess?

- Aaand weekly Big Finish round-up (one day late, but whatev):

Thicker than Water, Scaredy Cat, Singularity, Other Lives, Pier Pressure, Night Thoughts, Time Works )

And then, the series 7 finale. Tbh I think I put off this post yesterday because I was afraid of the amount of stuff I had to say about it, and I'm-- still kind of put off by the mere thought of writing it down. It's a bit jumbled. Hopefully I'll get it all down, but still-- discussions are welcome.

The Name of the Doctor )

Am I nitpicking? In some respects, I'm probably nitpicking; some things will hopefully be cleared up later. Still, I don't think watching a 45-minute episode should make me ask so many questions at all. But overall: series 7 was a mess, this episode was a mess (although not as terrible as it could have been). I'm more excited about the Gatiss-penned documentary about the Hartnell era than I am about the anniversary special.

Now excuse me, I have a shower to take and an audio play to listen to.
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I wonder what it says about me that when I get a phone call for the first time in ages, it's to list all the songs the third Doctor has sung over the course of his seasons. Or what it says about my friends who call to ask such questions, for that matter.

Also, the opening ceremonies for Eurovision begin this evening. I am mentally preparing by living in denial and planning to re-listen to Bang-Bang-A-Boom! sometime before Saturday.

Other than that, life is deceptively easy at the moment, but that's probably because I have reached a point where I'm blissfully ignorant about the amount of work I should be doing, like... actually going to work. I mostly doze in the sun and eat strawberries and honeycomb melon. I'd probably feel dreadfully guilty and unproductive if I hadn't already steeped in fretting for so long I've come out on the other side as completely indifferent.

Mum's birthday is in a bit more than a week, so before I go on any shopping sprees (haha, because that's something I do so often - but I really need new clothes now) I should sort that out. Not that there's a hurry, seeing as she'll be on Cyprus by the time the big day rolls around.

Aaaand the weekly Who round-up:

Caerdroia, The Next Life, The Game, Catch-1782, Three's a Crowd, Unregenerate!, The Council of Nicaea, Terror Firma )

Also managed to squeeze two special releases in there; Her Final Flight (which was ok, nothing special) and The Veiled Leopard (EVERYTHING I WANT IN AN AUDIO, which is apparently: fancy dress parties, heists and inter-companion friendship/snarking. Eheu).

Finally, this week's episode:

Nightmare in Silver )

TL; DR not perfect, but then again nothing is. With the exception of some minor things it was perfect, well-paced, and just all around exciting fun.

Also, I've been putting off the Classic Who watch for a while, but today I finally ventured into the Patrick Troughton era (which, together with Tom Baker's two last seasons, is the only one I haven't watched) with Power of the Daleks. Will hopefully get through The Highlanders tomorrow (JAMIE!).

(I've still only watched one season and a half of Blake's 7. And have s. 5 of SJA left. Ahahaha. *Rolls away*)
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So I think I inadvertedly have ended up as a columnist for a Tumblr blog that aims to examine Doctor Who from a feminist perspective? What can I say, it seemed like a good idea at the time. And possibly a good thing, that, since I'm apparently the only one who applied who was interested in writing for the classic series (oh Tumblr).

I already have some ideas for what to write, but if anyone has any suggestions, feel free to give them.

Now, for the weekly Who round-up:

The Roof of the World, Medicinal Purposes, Faith Stealer, The Last )

Fewer main range audios this week, as I've also been listening to the second season of Jago & Litefoot and The Last Post. Which, I would write more about if I had something substantial to say... except that The Last Post is full of Liz, and continuity references, and Three apparently keeping a schedule on when he can sneak in and steal lab equipment from UNIT, and all kinds of things I love. Basically: this audio was made for me and I screeched in delight when it was over.

The Crimson Horror )

TL;DR good, but not as good as it could have been. The decision to remove two-parters for this series is very strange, and I definitely think it suffers because of it.

Next week: Neil Gaiman! Writes Cybermen! Which means that we'll possibly get the first decent Cybermen episode in the new series...
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Big Finish (non-spoilery, as always):

The Mutant Phase, Sword of Orion, Nekromanteia, The Dark Flame, Creatures of Beauty, The Axis of Insanity, LIVE-34 )

And this week's episode (spoilery, as always):

Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS )

TL;DR go watch The Edge of Destruction instead if you want a TARDIS bottle episode.

Next week has... more Mark Gatiss. But! It also has Madame Vastra and Jenny and Strax, so I'm looking forward to it.

Also, it's the 30th of April today, which means a timely re-watch of The Daemons is due! But probably tomorrow.
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Taking a break in writing a presentation on Lucretius (that I thought was due to wednesday, but apparently need to be done tomorrow, eep) to write a weekly Who update.

The Wormery, Scherzo, The Creed of the Kromon, The Natural History of Fear, The Twilight Kingdom, Dreamtime )

Aaaand this week's episode (spoilers as usual)...

Hide )

So yeah, it was ok, but not a favourite.
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Been a week since I last updated, which probably means I should have a lot to say here, but I've been listless and depressed for most of it. At least I attended the exam on friday, and hopefully managed to pass... I didn't feel terrible about it, but not particularly well either. But even if I didn't I'm not too worried; I made sure to talk to my teacher about it beforehand.

In Big Finish news, the newly released Library of Alexandria was... really cute. That. That's all I can think of, really. I love that Ian, Barbara, Susan and the Doctor just decided to crash in Alexandria for a couple of months because of Reasons and that apparently Ian is the only one of them to get a job during this time so the other three can go to the theater every day. Yes, it also had some tragic and contemplative moments but it ends on such a light note that overall I was left with the impression of having listened to a really fluffy (and shippy) One era fanfic. Which is a good thing! In this case at least.

But I've also been catching up on the Main Range, so have another batch of quick, non-spoilery reviews (minus the specials, because... there's not that much to say about half-hour episodes that are mostly crack anyway):

Primeval, Spare Parts, The Church and the Crown, Flip Flop, Omega, Davros )

Tbh I have a lot more (spoilery) thoughts about the themes in Omega and Davros (and Master) that lead into Zagreus, as they are a gold mine for meta. Might re-listen to Master and get some of them out soon.

In more recent Doctor Who news, I got around to watching Cold War this afternoon. It was... okay. Yeah. Not terrible, but pretty bland overall. It's Gatiss, so I hadn't really expected more; I'm very pleased with the way the Ice Warriors were handled, however. More spoilery thoughts behind cut!

Cold War )

TL;DR it was ok imo, but not much more than that. I don't know if watching the classic series has made me spoiled, but 45 minutes just doesn't seem long enough to tell a stellar story, sometimes. I'm mostly happy about my favourite Who monster being handled well. <3
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- Hotmail has been putting me off ever since... forever, actually, but most recently they've removed MSN and "upgraded" to Outlook. Which means that today I finally caved in and got gmail, and I should really get around to changing my adress on a bunch of sites (even if you can connect it to the old one, it feels more proper). Bleugh.

- The exam I skipped is next friday, which is sooner than it actually should be, but I'm strangely enough not feeling particularly bothered by this-- perhaps because we've started talking about Hellenism and I find I'm rather enjoying it?

I haven't been jumping in my seat since we finished with the Bronze Age, but I find the Hellenistic world, the strong interaction between cultures and increasing awareness of the outside world very compelling, and the eclectic art styles very interesting. So it's fun (and this month's Companion Chronicle is the original Team TARDIS at the library of Alexandria! Way, way too late/500 AD, but still a bit appropriate and definitely a treat for me).

- Speaking of Big Finish, last week, after eight years of internet paranoia, I caved in and installed uTorrent (which should actually be myTorrent, because it's the Greek letter my on their logo, but no one seems to refer to them as this? Whatev) to download the main range. THERE ARE 171 OF THEM RELEASED SO FAR AND I AM A POOR STUDENT. I COULDN'T RESIST ANY LONGER.

So, I've been listening to the ones I haven't already in order (so far). Quick, non-spoilery opinions cut for length:

Whispers of Terror, The Land of the Dead, The Fearmonger, The Genocide Machine, Red Dawn )

I'm a terrible completist, and so far I've listened in order, but very soon I think I'll start skipping ahead a bit. Partly because some of the early ones I'm... either really uninterested in, or have heard terrible things about. But also because Five isn't my favourite. Which doesn't mean I won't listen to his audios, but it does mean most of the early audios I haven't heard are Five audios, and I don't really feel like listening to, like, five of those in a row.

I'm also almost finished with the first season of Jago & Litefoot, which has been enjoyable. And I still have The Last Post to listen to, which... I've mostly been putting off because then I'll have run out of Liz audios. And there won't be any more. Ever. :(
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Big Finish needs to stop having sales. At this rate I'll never have money left at the end of the month ever again (please don't stop having sales).

Speaking of Big Finish, I finished listening to Shada today, which was. Good? Except they very very obviously haven't changed much of the script, which makes for a somewhat surreal listening experience as it's basically... lines very obviously written for Tom Baker coming out of Paul McGann's mouth. Idek.

As for the birthday, everything worked out fine. I turned twenty relatively anonymously, doing everything I'd planned to do and finished the day off by watching The Keys of Marinus, clutching my Black Death plushie and a cup of tea (also, early Terry Nation = baby's first teleportation bracelets? :P).

One of those things I'd planned to do was baking Pomegranate White Chocolate Chunk Cookies. There were Results.

Visual proof behind cut )

All in all, pretty successful weekend. My exam and consequent failure to memorise my course lit sufficiently is the only thing casting a shadow over it. :/
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- Antiqity studies Day 03: EVERYTHING IS INTENSE BUT SO MUCH FUN. I am simultaneously wondering if this course will seduce me onto the path of archaeology and becoming more and more assured that religious studies is My Thing.

- Most notably, I was reminded today of my love for Egyptian mythology; an old obsession rearing its head again, to be frank (when I was ten I wanted to be either an egyptologist or Sekhmet, Goddess of War - it was a tough choice, okay). I think that makes it even more compelling, actually; being able to revisit something you loved as a child and being able to develop a new understanding of it with age.

- Finished listening to Love and War!

Thoughts )

- Not sure what I am listening to next; I've got the rest of the Special Releases (UNIT Dominion, Voyage to Venus and Voyage to the New World), Shada, plus a bunch of Companion Chronicles.

- [community profile] who_at_50 is doing the Tenth Doctor / UNIT as themes this february (so if you haven't already joined, you should probably do that). Sadly, this means I have no excuse not to write my Liz-Shaw-vs-the-Rani case fic. So I better come up with a plot for that asap. 8'I
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And then I didn't update for two weeks because I started work and got sick within five days. Never change, self.

So, these past five days have been a haze of watching X-Files (I'm on season 5 atm, and I really need to stop taking MONTHS-LONG BREAKS between seasons because I keep forgetting the overall storyline)and Doctor Who episodes. Today I actually managed to get dressed for the first time this week and make lunch that wasn't reheated carrot soup that I managed to cook up on Monday with some effort.

I have also listened to an absurd amount of audio plays, or at least a lot more than I'd usually get through in four days. Namely, the second half of the Fourth Doctor Adventures season one, which, the main thing I have taken away from is that Leela is possibly the most perfect fictional being in existance and Crispy!Master is capable of completely unexpected amounts of sass?? Also Leela/Master team-up on horseback was something I didn't know I wanted until it made me gasp for air.

Finished Dark Eyes today as well. Non-spoilery opinion is that I found it rather enjoyable... until the last part. I was absolutely delighted to have Paul McGann on my iPod again, and it has some good bits of writing and characterisation, but it's the kind of long story where the conclusion kind of makes or breaks it, and I didn't find "X and the Daleks" satisfying at all.

The GOOD bit is that it's a story about hope. Dark!Doctor has become something of a trope over the course of the years in NuWho, but Dark Eyes doesn't go too hard on the angst and emphasises the Doctor's search for hope in a way that feels genuine, and thus more compelling than some writing in the TV series (I am looking at you, Doctor "my companions became displaced in time and lived a happy life without me so I SHALL NEVER SAVE HUMANS AGAIN" Eleven).

I also really liked Molly O'Sullivan. Irish WWI nurse (okay, VAD, whatever) who is tough as nails and punches people in the face? Awesome.

BAD bits: it's a Dalek story going behind cut because spoilers.

Read more... )

... Wow, I went off a tangent there.

So I guess I'm listening to Love and War next? Probably Love and War.
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Life is a bit up and down atm, both because of internal and external factors. So I'm not going to talk about those things, but focus on things that actually make me feel better about myself. There.

- Somehow, despite Yuletide refusing to cooperate, I've been feeling... better about my writing lately. I walk into bookstores feeling a strange mix of envy and excitement, marvelling at the new and shiny covers standing in rows on the shelves. I don't know what changed, but suddenly imagining myself as an author isn't strange at all - even though it's something I never let myself believe I could accomplish for almost ten years.

- Today I finally posted the last package that needed sending for Christmas. And it wasn't a particular hardship either, as the sun was shining, the air was crisp and the sky a brilliant shade of blue... Usually when I go walking in winter, it's to be somewhere on time, work or university. I'd probably enjoy it more if I went out for proper walks by myself.

- Translated a short letter by Epicurus. Exam in less than a week and I still haven't started studying properly, but somehow I'm not too worried about that.

- Made gingerbread cookie dough! While listening to Christmas music. Very cathartic, somehow, and I love the smell of ground cloves.

- Holly Black has a Tumblr. This makes me pretty happy, ngl - Holly Black was one of those authors whose work I connected to when I was younger, and in more recent times (being able to read her works in English) I have realised that's partly because she's basically a huge geek. c:

- If you aren't following [ profile] who_at_50 you probably should be, because it's a neat idea and shaping up to be great fun.

- Finished listening to The Nightmare Fair and started re-listening to Jubilee.

Have some spoiler-ish thoughts )

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