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Apparently participating in LJ friending memes the same week you start uni again is a bad idea? I've been too busy "skimming" ten millennia of human development to say hello properly. I haven't even commented on other people's introductions properly... anyway.


Behold, the long awaited introduction post!

At least it's not a bullet point list )

Oh, and I also have a Tumblr. And Skype + MSN in case anyone wants to talk.

Now, I have twenty pages left of Iron Age settlements in the Near East to read, so I should probably start to get around to finishing them...
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(I think I need a Master icon).

Welcome, everyone from the Doctor Who friending meme (which is not quite dead yet, btw, so if you haven't checked it out you should!) An introduction is probably in order.

Sadly, my introduction skills leave something to be desired. So have a bullet point list and feel free to ask questions.

(I really like bullet point lists. And parantheses.)

A guide to recognising your fellow LJer )

As I said, something to be desired indeed. Feel free to throw questions my way, or just talk about whatever. It's usually harder to make me shut up than say anything at all.

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