Sep. 22nd, 2011 07:59 pm
regndoft: (St. Michael {Sine Vinkulo Peccati})
Context: we are currently learning about Christianity in Religion class. When the first- and secondyears go orientating in the woods, we go to visit different denominations in the Swedish church.

Apparently visiting a Pentecostal congregation and getting all fired up about their sexist and homophobic interpretation of Christianity is a great way for my class to bond.

I feel like... You know, I should be really offended about the fact that I was told that my sexuality is a choice and that we'll all go to hell for not believing in Jesus Christ as our Saviour, but. When we were sitting there I was mostly squirming in some kind of horrified glee over meeting people who are actually stupid enough to believe that.

AND EVERYONE GOT SO PISSED OFF, IT WAS HILARIOUS. One of the two guys in particular got really aggressively defensive whenever anyone questioned their beliefs, and the entire class was basically the same (claiming that believing in evolution is a choice and that God is on the husband's side in domestics can do that.

Religious bigotry isn't really amusing, but I. I have never actually met people like this; I'm very familiar with the Lutheran Church of Sweden, which is pretty liberal about, well. Everything.

So basically I couldn't stop thinking "Hahaa omg people like this actually exist, why". If I wasn't laughing I'd be crying.

(Even my teacher in Religion started cracking up at some points. Which is just... Bad.)

But yeah. A pretty dull day overall, the three first churches were very sensible and PC. But several things that were brought up during the last visit reminded me of several errors in text interpretation, so... I talked to my teacher, and now I'm ridiculously excited about getting to talk about the problems with manuscript copying and translation errors in a textbased religion.

Now I need to do some last-minute baking for LGBT society tomorrow. At eight in the evening. *Sigh*

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