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It's been almost two months since I updated here. Two months. I don't even have a particularly good excuse. I did disappear for almost two weeks in late july/early august when the family went on vacation; first to Krakow, and then to the Swedish west coast. Other than that I've mostly spent my time reading and actually haven't been online as often as I usually am. Which still doesn't explain my absence, especially since I have been doing some stuff as well...

A short breakdown of life right now: I've been back at uni since monday, and am taking a course in the history and culture of ancient Egypt *point to new icon*. It's really interesting so far, to have everything I learnt (and didn't learn) as a child filtered through an academic lens. My nine-year-old self would be happy to know that while I'm not exactly fulfilling her dream of becoming an egyptologist I'm doing the next best thing. :P

I've been reading a lot these last couple of months; most notably, I started the Rivers of London series (am eagerly awaiting the release of Foxglove Summer this month!!) and have picked up Discworld again for the first time in years (the City Watch books are so good! How did I manage to miss them? I've only read the first three so far but they're really wonderful).

As for Doctor Who, I am loving the new series. For the first time in ages I am actually... looking forward to new episodes. Peter Capaldi is just lovely, Clara has really grown into her own and the episodes have been good. V. strange. Am tentatively eyeing the 12th Doctor novels to be released next week. >___>

I'm going to try to be more attentive now when summer is over, even if it's just making short life updates.
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- Apparently love poetry aimed towards a specific woman(mánsöngr) was forbidden on Iceland according to the Grey Goose Laws (so until mid-13th century). The reason is supposedly a conflation between poetry and galdr; reciting poetry could be seen as an attempt to urge a woman away from the control of her parents, and indirectly her place in society, by magic (marriages were mainly political in Norse society, so wooing an unmarried woman and thereby making her less likely to cooperate wasn't exactly seen as harmless compared to seducing someone who already had a husband).

There is no real point of me telling you this other than 1. it was mentioned in the book on Norse goddesses I finished yesterday, which I should definitely take notes on before returning to the library, because it was really informative and inspiring (sadly it's out of print so I can't actually buy it-- might have to look at retailers) and 2. I just find it really fascinating.

- It's been really hot these past couple of days, as if to make up for the fact that we had nothing but clouds and the occasional rain shower the two weeks before. Even I, who's usually a very enthusiastic sun worshipper, has to go inside after lunch (this is one of those rare situations where living in the basement is a very good thing). Despite this, mum insists I should weed the flowerbeds. *Shudder*

- Speaking of which, mum's friend is over and sort of caught me up on what one of her sons, who was my best friends for most of our childhood, is doing. Which is, apparently, having studied in London and currently living alone in a four-room apartment nearby. He's twenty. Meanwhile, I'm having trouble even deciding what I want to study properly and finding student housing, never mind an actual apartment. See also: can't find a summer job and spends the summer binge watching TV series, reading books and listening to audios.

- At least my sleeping schedule is fine again-- if anything, a little too fine. I usually get tired and end up in bed before 9 pm, and get out of bed at half past six (!).

- I finished the second Klein trilogy (if it can be called that); Persuasion, Starlight Robbery and Daleks Among Us, all of which are really stellar audios. Most of all, I enjoy the dynamic of this Team TARDIS-- Seven really does need companions around, doesn't he? Lest he goes overboard with the preemptive strikes, so to speak. Klein (Elizabeth? Have we symbolically switched to first-name basis to mark that she's not her nazi alternate self?) is also a very different, but interesting, female character (and hey, Daleks Among Us actually explains what happens at the end of Architects of History! ... kind of. A bit. Maybe not), but I think the addition of a bumbling character like Will really makes the dynamic. I'm really looking forward to more audios with them-- especially since the ending seems to indicate that they'll become more of a team from this point on.

(In particular, I find the contrast between Will - who's a very intelligent, but socially awkward, clumpsy, somewhat naive and idealistic young man - and older, frosty but exceedingly capable and adept Elizabeth refreshing, since their character traits are usually associated with characters of the opposite gender.)

Also: there is a statue of a naked Ace McShane wielding a baseball bat on a planet she and the Doctor helped liberate. Canon. Canon (Will's obvious concern that this happens a lot to the Doctor's companions also means that there is, of course, a naked statues of him as well somewhere. Rule of Funny demands it).


May. 19th, 2014 12:12 am
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Comment fic fest! I will try to fill some of the lovely Classic Who prompts... although I feel like anything I write would be too short/bad to be worth reading. Bleh.

This week has been... surprisingly stressful, considering I haven't done much of anything. Ordering tickets to Dimensions (yes, apparently I'm going to my first convention in like, six years-- not sure whether to be terrified or excited about that) means booking flights and place to stay in Newcastle has become a priority, which means money is a pressing matter, meaning getting a job seems more important than ever, especially if I have to move into student housing in august (if I get an apartment. Which I hopefully will).

I've applied to a job as guide at the National Museum of Economy on thursday, and although the woman I spoke to was very enthusiastic I haven't got a reply. Right now I feel like... maybe I should try to find more options, but it's so late my chances of finding anything are close to nil.

Went to Uppsala on thursday with [ profile] stalkerbunny for hopefully the last time before august to fetch a written assignment-- passed, incidentally, and am one of few people in class who doesn't have to complement it (yayyy). While there, we also visited the university library Carolina Rediviva to look at their exhibits (high points being: the Codex Argenteus and Olaus Magnus' Carta Marina), had pricy but worth it lunch at café (cheesecake w. ice cream and fresh fruit-- v good) and visited Uppsala Cathedral (still big. Sad the reliquaries weren't where they should be).

Other than that, I've listened to a lot of Big Finish-- I'm on the fifth season of Bernice Summerfield and have discovered the benefits of actually reading novel tie-ins (seriously-- how much better is Death and the Daleks when you've read Life During Wartime? the answer is: much better), about to start the second season of Sarah Jane Smith (the stories don't really grab me but Sarah and Josh have great banter? also it's interesting to compare to SJA; I like both, in different ways) and have started Jago & Litefoot season 7 (SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE I'm gonna marry this boxset).

Have spent today mostly talking about Six/Ainley 30s night club au, baby!fics, Swedish animated movies and Disney's interesting approach to copyright issues. Explained to sis why Star Trek counts as utopic fiction (and why utopias =/= boring world where everything is perfect) and ended up prompting doodles to each other.

Aaaand tomorrow is mum's birthday, which I frustratingly enough didn't forget, I just. Misread the calendar and didn't buy a present on time. 8)
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Some fannish stuff I did this week:

- Read the novelisation of The Sea Devils and liveblogged it. And by "liveblogged" I mostly mean "posted Doctor/Master shippy quotes and comparisons with the TV version" (there is no Clangers scene! Or a sword fight! OUTRAGEOUS).

- Me and a bunch of friends got together on thursday to watch Captain America 2, as well as the first movie in preparation. Lemon cheesecake and thai food was had (for lunch and dinner). It was an afternoon screening on a weekday, so we were almost alone in the theatre, which was really enjoyable and I'm not sure why (we did have to restrain ourselves from treating it like our own living room and commenting aloud... at least I had to).

As for the movie, I really enjoyed it, but it was also strange to watch with the first movie fresh in mind because whereas the first movie concentrates a lot on the characters and concentrating on them (because the main plot is rather generic). And it works because you really like these characters and the visuals are nice and the dialogue is fun, whereas the second movie... has some really nice character moments, some memorable lines, but most of all it focuses on the action sequences. Some of which do get very long and tedious.

That being said, it was rather interesting political commentary for an action flick and also it. May or may not have re-awakened the Marvel fan in me.

- By which I mean I spent most of friday reading comics. It's... strange trying to get back into the loop of something you were highly confused by to begin with - I was never that good at keeping up with comics, mostly because I was terrible at downloading and keeping track of when everything was released - because you're not sure where to start. As it is, I've now picked up... Captain Marvel (both from 2012 and the new one-- I LOVE CAROL SO MUCH YOU GUYS SHE'S FAB why did I ever stop reading this, why), Ms. Marvel (three issues and not much has happened yet but everyone's really cute and they're clearly trying to establish a colourful character gallery, which I really appreciate), She-Hulk (only "one-shots" so far but they're REALLY GREAT AND FUN esp. the latest issue) Hawkeye (Fraction's from 2012, which I really should have read earlier too), Elektra (only one issue out so far, but the art is SO GORGEOUS holy crap, I recommend a look just for the art) and All-New Ghost Rider (art is neat but story slow to unfold and kind of uninteresting so far).

This also reminds me that I really need to pick up Saga volume 3...

- Watched some Who with friends (Keys of Marinus and The Ribos Operation). Still contemplating whether or not going to Dimensions this year. Because on one hand, money. On the other... I kind of miss conventions and meeting new people and stuff??

Overall, this week has been SUPER HECTIC school-wise, and when I haven't been at uni I've been meeting friends, so I'm... really exhausted tbh. But um. Yes talk to me about Doctor Who or Marvel.
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A short-ish list of stuff I've been doing instead of updating here (shame on me):

- Acquired PhotoShop and started making graphics. I am under no illusions of being a PS wizard, but considering I've only had it for a bit more than a month I think I'm doing fairly well (especially considering I make Classic Who graphics and very seldom have the luxury of high quality pictures......).

I think it's also been very important to me to have this thing where I can be creative without pressure. With writing and drawing, I've grown up with it and demand a lot from myself, which inhibits my ability to actually be productive. I don't have as much problem with perfectionism as I used to (thank you therapy) but it's still something very deeply ingrained. I wrote one fic last year that passed 1k and that wasn't for lack of time.

With PhotoShop, however, I am a complete n00b. If I fuck up, or it doesn't turn out the way I wanted it do, I'm... strangely okay with that. And that's refreshing, and encouraging, and doesn't make me feel like shit. So I'm really enjoying it.

- Signed up for [ profile] dw_allsorts, a new Doctor Who prompt table community, which has also been very nice and low-pressure so far. I've started with a tiiiny 3 prompt table, which is encouraging in its simplicity. Hopefully I'll be able to slowly work my way up towards 20 one table at a time. So if you like Doctor Who and producing fanworks, consider signing up!

- Uni is horrible and I suck at higher education forever-- okay, no, not really, but I've somehow managed to double-book myself (actually that's completely the institution's responsibility and not mine, just because I don't happen to study to become a teacher) and have to take the next two courses simultaneously (and buy course lit to match). On top of that I have a home exam this week that I haven't read all the books for and the exam for the last course I didn't take on friday next week. April is going to be... interesting.

- I'm turning 21 on saturday. My age will be divisible by 3 and that is terrifying.

- Probably a lot of things have happened I've forgotten to write about here. Terrible. I'll try to do better from now on.
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A lot of things have been going on since my last update. Uni is demanding, I didn't get the apartment (apparently I wasn't supposed to have it since this isn't my first term... which, would've been nice to know before they put me through bureaucratic hell). When I haven't been studying I've mostly been... consuming.

- I have a new phone! One that works, unlike my old new phone (seriously, I had it about a month before it said "fuck it". I am forever bitter about this). It's technically not a new-new phone, as it's my mother's old iPhone, but I'm just delighted to be able to text people again.

- Watched both seasons of Pushing Daisies! It was lovely. I am heartbroken it was cancelled. :c Also started watching Firefly, but am only a couple of episodes in (is it just me or is it really reminiscent of Blake's 7? I seem to recall reading that Joss Whedon watched it growing up, which... would make sense...).

- Been reading lots; mostly related to uni, both course lit and fiction, but also my own books. So far I've been able to make good on my "two EDAs a month" promise; am currently on The Shadows of Avalon. Should get around to writing reaction posts...

- Speaking of which, book sale begins next week! I've already pre-ordered a whole bunch online really cheaply, so I suppose I won't have much money left over to buy in actual stores (not that that will stop me, probably).

- More on the topic of books: was I the only one who hadn't heard of the Doctor Who Monster Collection? Apparently they're re-releasing Doctor Who novels with Doctors both old and new, each paired (no, not in that way) with an iconic monster. I have no idea as to the actual quality of the novels, but I'm super-chuffed they're actually bringing some books with classic Doctors back into print - presumably the 50s Anniversary special editions did better than expected.

There's even a VNA in there this time. We live in a time where a twenty-year-old VNA with Benny, Chris and Roz gets brought back into print. And I think that's beautiful.
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- New term and new course started this week, which has been a lot more intense than I'd reckoned. At least one paper (only 500 words, luckily) per week plus group assignment plus A LOT of reading. Which usually might be fine, but I'm studying for an exam I didn't take in december, so I feel a bit strained. So far I haven't fallen behind though; another week and I expect I'll adapt.

In a way, it's nice to have strict routines. While I handle stress badly, and it's terrible not being able to do the things I want to do, there's a masochistic part of me that thrives on productivity. Getting Shit Done, even at the cost of my own comfort zone, can be rewarding.

- We're starting off with a more thorough course on hinduism and buddhism than the A course provided, which is... confusing but interesting so far. Yesterday's lecturer was a German Indologist specialised in the Vedas, which was particularly interesting since she was mainly a linguist (did you know that the names of Vedic deities have been found on clay tablets as far west as the Mitanni and Hittite kingdoms? I didn't, but finding out was awesome). So it's fun. So far.

- I got a student apartment! Or rather, I've got the dibs on one, as I haven't moved in yet, seeing how I got the mail just this morning. But I've replied saying HOLY SHIT YES I want it, so now all there's left is to wait. And try to wrap my head around the fact that I'll move to Uppsala within two weeks, probably.

- I finished the Engelsfors trilogy and I have a lot of emotions but no one to share them with because I don't know anyone else who's finished the series. :(((

New Year's

Jan. 2nd, 2014 07:04 pm
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June is on her way home to Oslo, which means I'm officially free not to have a life outside the internet again (not that we spent hours browsing Tumblr together, noo...).

It's been a quiet almost-week, at least partly because of the sporadic opening hours of basically everything over New Years-- but I think we needed that time to just relax. Mostly we've spent time at home, watching movies and Doctor Who although we did go on a bookshop excursion on monday.

New Year's was spent away from home, at [personal profile] gluecookie's house. We made a three-course dinner (a shrimp sallad, baked potatoes with tuna and garlic butter, and gino with vanilla ice cream) and watched the Doctor Who TV movie (there is a Doctor Who story for every holiday!). Also played a round of DW Trivial Pursuit, which is really hard ("What does rapper 50 Cent have in common with a helicopter from The Daemons" IS AN ACTUAL QUESTION).

Other things watched this week includes Pacific Rim (finally! Not really disappointing, but not really what I was expecting either; Tumblr had made me expect more focus on the characters and less giant-robots-fighting-monsters. Luckily I think giant robots fighting monsters is pretty entertaining) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCHhhh) and The Empty Hearse (I'd... rather not talk about it *Twitch*).

And so, the new year. It's... strange. On one hand 2013 doesn't feel like it's been that long; on the other once I actually think about what I've done this year it's... a lot. Hmm. Some bumps, but a good year overall. Perhaps the best one yet!

I don't really have any New Year's resolutions, but I've promised myself to at least try to write more this year. 2013 has been an absolutely abysmal year writing-wise. Also, try to update LJ/DW more.

Coming up: an End-of-Year book meme and fanmix rec post (bless u 8tracks).
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Finally, finally, I own a new computer. One that can actually play videos and has working speakers. It's like a completely new world has opened up for me!

To begin with, I don't have to listen to 8tracks on the iPad anymore. This might be the reason I've just realised that I REALLY LOVE 8TRACKS. I should make a post with some of my favourite mixes at some point in the future.

I'm also having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that, for the first time in a year and a half, I can watch videos online. Like... YouTube. And Dailymotion. Wow.

(I haven't seen The Time of the Doctor yet, mostly because Dailymotion has failed to provide me with a stream. From what I've heard, I'm not missing much. This shouldn't be a surprise, but seeing how I recently rewatched Day of the Doctor and actually still really enjoy it, I'd kind of got my hopes up. Oh well.)

(Also disappointed the internet has yet to provide me with War Docor/Jacobi!Master. Shame on you, internet. Why don't you cater to my every whim? Sighh.)

Did finish watching The Enemy of the World. Spontaneous thoughts: it's absolutely lovely, and so much better paced when you actually have visuals. I have trouble watching a lot of missing serials because the lack of visuals affect my concentration, but obviously that's not a problem when they're NOT. MISSING. ANYMORE!! Pat's performance is just outstanding, and I love how varied and believable the side characters are; there's really an astounding amount of them, but somehow even the Captain of the guard ends up memorable in some way.

Still, it's a very odd one, isn't it? Obviously noy a historical, but not really sci-fi either besides it being set in the future; more like an action flick with added political drama on the side. In many ways it's more James Bond than anything produced during the Pertwee era.

I'd like to say that I'll be updating more often from now on, but actually I'll be absent for another week or so! [identity profile] is visiting me over New Year's so we'll probably be busy talking shit and not sleeping. I'll see you when I see you.
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I really haven't posted anything here for an entire month. What a terrible person I am.

I wish I could say I had legitimate reasons not to, but... actually, no I don't. I haven't been feeling terribly perky, but neither have I been really depressed in december. Mostly I've been exhausted; I feel like a wrung out dish cloth. I've spent several days just lounging around the house reading books and listening to audios.

The most ridiculous thing is, it's not like I haven't been doing stuff. I totally have! Besides all the books and audios I've been meaning to recommend/rant about, I've had exams (I've passed all three I've taken so far, two of them with the highest grade (if not the highest score)) and seminars, I've been baking and watching movies (saw Catching Fire in the theatre, which was excellent and reminded me that I actually really like the Hunger Games trilogy).

I've even been to the actual theatre twice in one month; the first time to see Sylvester McCoy at Reginateatern in Uppsala, which was all kinds of lovely and fun, and a second time the day before yesterday to see a sort of... theatre/dance performance of Macbeth with a soul/funk theme set in the 70s.

I only managed 14k for NaNo, which is the worst I've ever done; I also had to default at Yuletide. The fact that I'm not overly upset over these things is more worrying than anything else, tbh. I also haven't been around LJ much this past week because my computer is a bastard that, for some reason, refuses to open pages running certain scripts (embedded players and anything connected to Facebook, mostly) but I haven't been very eager to try to fix it, as I'm planning on getting a new one for the Boxing Day sale.

Christmas Eve might not be the best time to write about all this, but I got up early for once and have a couple of hours to kill before mum comes back from work, so... why not.

Might do some round-ups of good books I've read this year later (anyone know a good meme?) and Big Finish thoughts.

Merry Christmas. :)
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Life continues and I continue to be ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at updating this thing.

- Had an exam this friday, located a 45-minute walk from the central station in Uppsala. At 8 AM. So I got up at 4. This worked out surprisingly well, actually; I'm feeling mostly confident I'll pass. I don't really feel that I have time to worry, as I have two more exams this month...

- Somehow managed to convince sis to watch Ghost Light AND Remembrance of the Daleks with me-- perhaps she was feeling charitable that day. I don't think she was overly enthused, but she seemed quite taken with Seven and Ace's relationship (and Seven's sweater). I mean, she said she'd leave the room if I put on another serial but didn't, so I must've done something right. That or she was simply too tired to leave. :P

- [personal profile] stalkerbunny and Anja came over yesterday; we bought a pumpkin and had a pumpkin party. By which I mean we spent four-ish hours making pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup and roasted pumpkin seeds. They were four-ish hours very well spent. <3

- Finished Eight's audios with Mary Shelley today. This means I actually have less than 25 audios left of the main range? V. weird. The extent to which Doctor Who has become a part of my daily routine is actually ridiculous (and a teeny bit frightening).

- Attended NaNoWriMo meet-up here in Stockholm today! It was extremely encouraging-- I actually managed not to be completely socially awkward and exchange words with some people. But as always, the Word Wars are probably the most uplifting part. It's just rather empowering to me as a writer to find that I'm actually able to write something coherent in three minutes based on seemingly incompatible prompts.

And for the first year, we Stockholmers have our own equivalent of the Night of Writing Dangerously! We're supposed to have a sleepover in a cabin north of the city. Sadly, this is the 23rd of November, so I highly doubt I will attend because of obvious reasons.

(A girl sitting near me with a TARDIS wallet has a cry of despair when I pointed it out to her. We bonded a bit over that.)

- New course on the Bible and text interpretation beginning tomorrow. I'm going to have to start carrying a Bible around with me-- I assume this means I'm doing theology studies right.

- Going to see a Lovecraft musical (yes, really) with sis on friday. Also going to start NaNo on friday. And the friday after that, I have another exam. We'll see how this goes, if it goes at all. :P

An Update

Sep. 29th, 2013 07:06 pm
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It's been ages since I updated here, and I haven't been a particularly prolific commenter either, which I'm really sorry about. I promise I've been lurking around, but ironically I've had so many things to do I haven't really thought to write about them. This is mostly because what I'm doing is usually related to uni and about how stressed out I am more often than not, but, you know.

Uni is fun, if frequently frustrating and incredibly demanding both in regards to time and effort. My study group is nice, but inexperienced; three out of five of us are fresh from upper secondary, which has lead to some pretty frantic late evenings of editing. Especially with one group assignment per week...

Other notable events:

- Sylvester McCoy is coming to Uppsala in november. You know, the place where I just happen to study. I have no idea what dark forces the people who run the English Bookshop had to make blood sacrifices to to make this happen, because lord knows there has to be some occult involvement; the English Bookshop can hardly house more than fifty people, if even that (although they moved to a local theater when they realised how many people were interested) and it's. Well, it's Sweden. Sweden is the worst geek country.

(Okay, so we managed Gary Russell this year, but that was at least to one of the country's biggest and only conventions...)

There was a frantic day or two where I desperately tried to contact people who would be interested despite not actually owning a functional cell phone, but the bottom line is: I managed to reserve four tickets.

And if I seem incredibly calm about this it's because I spent thirty minutes running up and down the stairs when I first found out.

- Finally, after three months, got a new cell phone. Haah.

- Started my epic Complete Works of Lovecraft read-through. Have also been reading plenty of EDAs and gone through audios like my life depends on it (finished A Death In the Family today).
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[personal profile] stalkerbunny finally came back to Sweden and spent a couple of days at my house, so I've been mostly absent from the internet this week. We didn't really do much except watch movies and cook delicious, delicious food, which was just as well as my eczema started acting up again on wednesday, leaving me feeling pretty extraordinarily shitty.

Other stuff that happened this week:

- Finally applied (and got approved) for student allowance and bought a travel card to Uppsala. So that's pretty much all I can do in preparation for uni done.

- Bought Jago & Litefoot season 4 despite not having season 3 because it was on sale. Some day I'm going to be grateful for this decision, but atm I'm wondering if I'll ever get around to that day. I still have about fifty audios of the main range left, am halfway through season 4 of Gallifrey and have a bunch of other audios lying around. .__.;;

- On friday, dad came home with an almost-complete Beatles discography. I have no idea how or where he acquired them, but it was probably legal.

- Bought Holly Black's latest book, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. Not sure when I'll get around to reading it though, what with uni... also picked up four Hornblower books in Swedish (70s editions, to boot) from the local library because why the hell not. They cost 15 SEK; that's less than two pounds, folks.

- Made a shitty, shitty third Doctor fanmix. So that was one afternoon wasted.

First day of uni tomorrow. Eek.


Aug. 19th, 2013 09:49 pm
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Haven't updated in a while, mostly because... nothing much has been happening, but at the same time too much has been happening? I don't do much, but I stress about doing things. It's all course registrations and account applications and allowance I need... stupid adult stuff.

Hopefully I'll get a bit better once uni starts and I actually have some structure to work with. Hope springs eternal, and all that.

Other stuff:

- I have become addicted to 8tracks. It's pretty much the only place to find fanmixes these days, which is a shame, but I suppose one has to move with the times.

- I've committed myself to writing a story for a Doctor Who anthology (!) that needs to be finish before november. While I haven't started yet, I think I have a decent outline, so I'm. Really hoping it'll turn out well. This means I don't have much hope to finish the Trope bingo, though hopefully I'll at least get a couple of entries done... but who knows. This project takes precedence.

- Aaand because I have no self-control, and seem to think that the best course of action when you have too many things to do is to do more things, I created a Tumblr for Doctor Who novels. Mostly because I spend way, waaay to much time reading these things and wanted a place to post reviews. Which escalated into posting/reblogging all sorts of other stuff related to the novels.

So that's. What I've been up to the last couple of days. I'm sorry I haven't really left comments anywhere; I still hope you're doing better than I am.
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I did the thing. The thing where I watched ALL OF THE CLASSIC WHO. And all of the New Who, for that matter. All of the Doctor Who. All of it.

I feel like I should say a couple of words to mark the occasion, but it's late and I'm mostly writing here because I feel like shit and don't want to go to bed (my normal circadian rhythm lasted for almost a month, go self). While I did have a short moment of "BUT WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THIS GAPING HOLE IN MY SPARE TIME??" I quickly realised I could just fill it up with more Doctor Who audios and novels. Existential crisis solved.

(Also, I'll have more time to watch other shows. Like, I could actually pick up where I stopped watching Blake's 7 for reasons unknown even to myself. So that's. A thing.)

I do want to do a bit of writing, the way I always want to do a bit of meta or just obnoxiously share my opinions with other people about things I love-- if anyone has anything Who-related (or, um, not Who-related too, I guess) to suggest, that would be cool. I don't know about other people, but I find it a joy to read about other people's love for things. It's why I like The I Like Doctor Who Project a lot.

Rl update: walked in my first Pride Parade on saturday, which was both tedious and wonderful. It was really really hot and almost no wind, and our float (the Teachers' Association and the student council of my old upper secondary school) was near the end of the parade, so we who were there early waited for almost four hours to get going. But once we did, it was great fun; Stockholm Pride always attracts a huge audience, and while the LGBT community frequently criticises it for being too commercial/white male gay-oriented, I found it extremely liberating. It's a triumphant feeling, refusing to be ignored, even if it's only for a week a year.

Of course, the downside to this is that I literally danced 3,5 kilometres for two hours. And have been unable to walk properly for several days because of my blisters.

On the positive side, this is the most grievous bodily harm I've ever received for my sexuality, and it's self-inflicted. :P
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- Finished catching up on Welcome to Night Vale. WHAT A GOOD PODCAST. Its existence fills me with delight. <3 The existence of its fanbase is also rather remarkable and a really interesting fandom phenomenon; this article does a pretty good job discussing this, and serves as a casual introduction to the podcast in general.

Personally, I think they underestimate the importance of actually having a queer protagonist in a normalised same-sex relationship; while they touch upon it, they don't link this to Night Vale's sudden popularity on Tumblr. Surely there's genre appeal there, but I don't think it's a coincidence that the fandom boom happened just around the time the relationship became canon. And I don't mean this in a condescending "fandom luvs teh ghey" way; many are just genuinely delighted to see a gay relationship being portrayed as normal.

Also, fandom loves slash.

- Downloaded a whole bunch of books from Gutenberg and other sites. Because it's not like I don't have enough books to read already. Also listened to more audio plays.

- It rained yesterday, so instead of sitting outside reading/listening to audio plays I huddled up inside and watched a bunch of documentary films, courtesy of (as all links lead to YouTube or Vimeo, everything is available for free).

I'm generally rather paranoid about watching documentaries, because the vast majority of them are made for casual viewers and tend to be extremely sensationalist and/or not present a layered enough view of the subject they're presenting. When watching documentaries, I am haunted by the fear of being misinformed; especially since I'm always tempted to watch documentaries about things I know very little about (documentaries are the worst gateway drug of knowledge).

What I watched )

- Baked! Both yesterday and today, but yesterday I forgot to take photos.

Jam pastries )
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Went into town today to run some v. important errands (i e buy comics and art supplies) and went through about as much emotional anguish as hot drinks can cause you as I walked past the tea shop near my old school. They had their "summery" flavours out, which included strawberry cheesecake and lemon-meringue.

I. I have no idea how you make meringue work in tea. But I want it. Curse my expensive taste.

If any of you are into comics and are not reading Saga (yes, yes they're comics, graphic novels is a stupid term some elitist twat invented to feel better about enjoying The Sandman) you're seriously missing out. Actually, if you like reading at all and are not reading Saga you're missing out. Is it science fiction or fantasy? We just don't know! But it has amazing worldbuilding, a compelling cast, great dialogue and beautiful art.

Seeing as it's gained so much critical acclaim it never really occured to me to make a proper rec post, but the first volume blew me away and I read the second today so I'm just. Telling you to try it. Seriously.

Still doing terribly at writing, but to everyone's surprise, including my own, I've been drawing more these past couple of days than I have in months, probably (if we count finished products, I mean). I started practising using ink, which has been interesting, as I'm not even particularly apt at painting. But I think that has been good for me; using a new medium I haven't really mastered means I can't have high expectations of myself, and the drawings themselves become more bare and minimalistic than what I normally do.

Behind the cut there are pictures of:

- the third Doctor
- original character
- Dana Scully

In order of production )

So that's what I've been doing for these past four days. More to come, probably (hopefully?).
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- Yesterday I met up with not just one, but two people I am actually not related to (i e friends) for the first time in weeks. We continued the grand tradition of bitterly complaining about this world's injustices, made ice cream and watched Legally Blonde, which is possibly one of the best feel-good movies ever.

- I started listening to Welcome to Night Vale. Those of you who have Tumblrs might've seen it around, as the fandom seems to have sprung up virtually overnight. For those of you who haven't--

Welcome to Night Vale is a horror/comedy podcast probably best described with words like "bizarre" and "Fantasy Kitchen Sink" (WARNING: TV Tropes link). The show is told in the format of a radio broadcast hosted by the protagonist Cecil Baldwin, who matter-of-factly reports on the various news, events and eldritch abominations that's part of the community life in the desert town of Night Vale (as well as the activities of Cecil's crush, Carlos the scientist). The comedy largely stems from the sheer absurdity of the events and the fact that the citizens of Night Vale are so desensitised to them that they often seem more concerned with completely mundane matters.

It's a strange little show that might be a bit hard to get into, but personally I'm enjoying it very much. The podcast is available free for streaming and download on iTunes, so anyone interested should definitely check it out. :)

- I've listened to BFAs less and less frequently the past month. Thus I have neglected the short non-spoilery reaction posts I got into the habit of making earlier this year. As I've now *cough*torrented*cough* acquired more of them, without further ado...

*Deep breath*

Minuet in Hell, Loups-Garoux, Renaissance of the Daleks, I.D. & Urgent Calls, Valhalla, The Wishing Beast & The Vanity Box, Frozen Time, Son of the Dragon, 100, Absolution, The Mind's Eye & Mission of the Viyrans, The Girl Who Never Was, The Bride of Peladon, The Condemned, The Dark Husband )


Jul. 2nd, 2013 05:56 pm
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I've been so bad at updating here lately; it's not really that I don't have things to write about... I just don't think the things I have to write are very interesting. So, the past week, I have:

- visited friends/met my gf for the last time in months. We had a grill party and watched Mamma Mia!, which might be the happiest movie ever made. Everything is just so... happy and sunny. Also ABBA.

- Watched Les Misérables. I feel like I should have a bunch of things to say about it, but... not really. There's already a whole bunch of reviews and meta online, I didn't think my personal opinions were good enough to write down. >___> Let me say that I liked it and keep it at that.

- Watched a bunch of Doctor Who (surprise, surprise).

Oh, and next week (the 11th of July) we're going to Copenhagen for a day, and take a flight to Greece the day after. So I'll be AWOL for a week; we'll be home again the 19th.
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It's already been more than a week since I last posted here? I guess that's the thing about being unemployed in summer; you don't actually end up doing much, for a variety of reasons. Personally I've been sleeping badly, and not managed to muster up much energy to actually Get Shit Done.

Notable exceptions would be monday this week, when I went shopping for new art supplies. This was swiftly followed by an overwhelming sense of guilt, because art supplies aren't cheap and I don't feel like I'm good/productive enough art-wise to deserve them. :/

Still, I have some sketches/linearts lying around I need to finish, and a Doctor Who-based illustration project in mind I'll probably post more about soon, because I'll probably need some outside input. It involves water colours and lots of Wikipedia articles.

I also cleaned my room for the first time in... months. Because I'm a mature and responsible adult. Now my room is actually a place I want to spend time in (!). We celebrated Midsummer this week too, but it was unusually low-key for us this year; we stayed at home all day, ate good food, and I listened to my sister wailing in fan-agony about the Hannibal finale.

But other than that, I've mostly been reading, watching Doctor Who and listening to one or two audio plays. I feel like I should get around to writing reviews, even just quick once like last summer (what happened to those, anyway? I got halfway through the 80s and then I forgot) but my default state of emotion these days seems to be "meh".

Actually, I should get around to writing anything at all. I haven't touched my fic folder in two months, which is just sad.

Perhaps I should make another one of those bunny hatch posts. So even though I'll never get around to writing them all maybe someone else will at least no one can fault me for a lack of creativity.

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