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Finally caved in and contacted my teacher re: the exam on wednesday and am currenly waiting for a reply. I basically told her some unforeseen family plans over the easter weekend have popped up and I won't be able to be present this week.

I hate, hate putting these things off, especially when they are difficult, but I've felt so bad about my abilities this weekend despite frenetic studying all week something had to give, and my mental health wasn't going to be it. If I don't perform as well as I hope once I actually write it, at least I can say I've tried to the best of my abilities.

To alleviate my emotional turmoil (and to wish me a belated birthday) [personal profile] stalkerbunny visited yesterday and ended up spending the night. We watched The Reign of Terror; wonderful historical (the Doctor's bitchin' hat and cape, the surprisingly sympathetic portrayal of Robespierre and Barbara telling Ian off about reading a history book before passing judgment on the people of the past are three of my favourite things) but THE ANIMATED EPISODES LOOK AWFUL OH GOD I PREFER RECONS OVER THOSE ABOMINATIONS. Have actually received my mother's blessing to record fanmade Who episodes in the garden out of pure pity because of the terrible quality of the animation.

But also, [personal profile] stalkerbunny is a star and annually makes me feel terrible about never being able to approach her level of birthday present awesomeness. Behold:

AU in which the OTP travels all of time and space in a cookie jar )

I have the best friends.

On the antiquity front, ITV2 is airing a sitcom set in Ancient Rome as of today. While I'd love a show that explores the everyday side of Roman life, in a comedic light or not, my first impression is that this show is going to be to Rome what The Big Bang Theory is to geeks. I e really just regular sitcom tropes and jokes in a different, but ultimately not unrelatable, setting. Which kind of defeats the point of what enjoyment I'd get out of a series like that.

Still, I haven't seen it and I might yet try to, so consider this a signal boost, fellow history nerds.

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