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Since I'm so far behind I thought a shorter post was in order!

So without further ado: three-ish 8tracks playlists I've been listening to lately and why I like them.

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I promise I'm going to post an Actual Life Update soon rather than just dump stuff at you, F-list! But... not tonight.

So about a year ago, gf and I had a sort of. Idea. I don't remember whose idea it actually was-- I just know that for ages we've had this idea that we should make a series of fanmixes for all fifty years of Doctor Who.

Using only songs from the Eurovision Song Contest.

And because I finally got my hands on the music necessary to make this true... I've spent the entire day wrestling with 8tracks to bring you these cracky completely sincere and very serious masterpieces. Yes.

Vol. I: the 1960s

Vol. II: the 1970s

Vol. III: the 1980s

There are links to notes (incl. link to lyrics translations) and tracklists on Tumblr in the descriptions. (◡‿◡✿)

Hopefully I'll get around to doing the 90s for Eight (if I can ever decide what companions to include/not include) and the 2000s for the new series.
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I said about a week back that I was rapidly becoming addicted to 8tracks now when I have a working computer again, and that I should probably make a rec list if only to have something to post here.

In a way it feels strangely personal to make a list like this, if only because it reveals something which can say a lot about a person: their taste in music.

Well, "taste". As this list probably shows, my taste in music is... rather inconsistent, tbh.

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Something in the Ice from Regndoft on 8tracks Radio.

I was bored and made a (mostly instrumental) mood mix for At the Mountains of Madness. Not as creepy as it should be; we have to make do with what we've got, and apparently I don't actually own that much creepy music.

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Rec post coming soon! Am also working on a bit more ambitious playlist for the Trope Bingo, but that'll take some time.
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This post will once again reaffirm two things about me:

1. I am really bored now in summer.

2. I am a huge fag.

So here. Have a DenSu fanmix.

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I'd be rather grateful if you tell me if you snag and/or like this. Besides the fact that comments are always fun, it'd be nice if someone shares my slightly unusual taste in music. XD

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F-List reminder: still leaving for Tunisia the 10th. Will be back a week later/the 17th. <3

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