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Life is a bit up and down atm, both because of internal and external factors. So I'm not going to talk about those things, but focus on things that actually make me feel better about myself. There.

- Somehow, despite Yuletide refusing to cooperate, I've been feeling... better about my writing lately. I walk into bookstores feeling a strange mix of envy and excitement, marvelling at the new and shiny covers standing in rows on the shelves. I don't know what changed, but suddenly imagining myself as an author isn't strange at all - even though it's something I never let myself believe I could accomplish for almost ten years.

- Today I finally posted the last package that needed sending for Christmas. And it wasn't a particular hardship either, as the sun was shining, the air was crisp and the sky a brilliant shade of blue... Usually when I go walking in winter, it's to be somewhere on time, work or university. I'd probably enjoy it more if I went out for proper walks by myself.

- Translated a short letter by Epicurus. Exam in less than a week and I still haven't started studying properly, but somehow I'm not too worried about that.

- Made gingerbread cookie dough! While listening to Christmas music. Very cathartic, somehow, and I love the smell of ground cloves.

- Holly Black has a Tumblr. This makes me pretty happy, ngl - Holly Black was one of those authors whose work I connected to when I was younger, and in more recent times (being able to read her works in English) I have realised that's partly because she's basically a huge geek. c:

- If you aren't following [ profile] who_at_50 you probably should be, because it's a neat idea and shaping up to be great fun.

- Finished listening to The Nightmare Fair and started re-listening to Jubilee.

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