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First of all: welcome to new friends from the friending meme! I kind of disappeared off the face of the earth of the last two days, as I for the first time in ages actually left the house and spent time with other people.

Remember how I should go to a museum? Well, friday I mostly spend quality time with friends and made the last arrangements for Dimensions in october (and kind of fixed my sleeping schedule by staying up for 24 hours straight), but yesterday [ profile] stalkerbunny and I went to the History Museum for the first time since they renovated.

(Turns out they weren't quite done renovating, but...)

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It's already been more than a week since I last posted here? I guess that's the thing about being unemployed in summer; you don't actually end up doing much, for a variety of reasons. Personally I've been sleeping badly, and not managed to muster up much energy to actually Get Shit Done.

Notable exceptions would be monday this week, when I went shopping for new art supplies. This was swiftly followed by an overwhelming sense of guilt, because art supplies aren't cheap and I don't feel like I'm good/productive enough art-wise to deserve them. :/

Still, I have some sketches/linearts lying around I need to finish, and a Doctor Who-based illustration project in mind I'll probably post more about soon, because I'll probably need some outside input. It involves water colours and lots of Wikipedia articles.

I also cleaned my room for the first time in... months. Because I'm a mature and responsible adult. Now my room is actually a place I want to spend time in (!). We celebrated Midsummer this week too, but it was unusually low-key for us this year; we stayed at home all day, ate good food, and I listened to my sister wailing in fan-agony about the Hannibal finale.

But other than that, I've mostly been reading, watching Doctor Who and listening to one or two audio plays. I feel like I should get around to writing reviews, even just quick once like last summer (what happened to those, anyway? I got halfway through the 80s and then I forgot) but my default state of emotion these days seems to be "meh".

Actually, I should get around to writing anything at all. I haven't touched my fic folder in two months, which is just sad.

Perhaps I should make another one of those bunny hatch posts. So even though I'll never get around to writing them all maybe someone else will at least no one can fault me for a lack of creativity.

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