Jun. 25th, 2013 12:54 am
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I have

- Rented movies with dad and sis (Wreck-It Ralph, Les Misérables, Beasts of the Southern Wild and... something else I can't remember). Also bought I, Claudius, because Derek Jacobi's face it was on sale and I've been meaning to watch it for ages. Also Romans.

- Started and finished reading Carmilla, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. Otherwise known as one of the earliest vampire novels, major source of inspiration for Stoker's Dracula, and "that one with the lesbians".

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Overall, it's far from a flawless story, but it's a compelling enough concept as well as interesting as an example of a book that's played a huge role in creating a genre. It's also a short story, just over a hundred pages, so if you're curious and have two or three hours to spare I recommend it.

Also, it being published in 1872, it's available free for download on sites like Project Gutenberg.

(This post is probably riddled with spelling and grammar errors. Because it's twenty minutes to four AM. Yolo, and all that.)
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I don't do shit for a week and then suddenly everything gets intense. My apologies to all the new names on my F-List. *Waves*

Mostly I've been doing frantic last-minute studying for my last exam today; I'm not exactly thrilled about my effort, especially since I almost fell asleep on the desk, but at least the course is over now. It's... a bit sad I suppose, because it's really been something I've enjoyed, but at the same time I feel I've never been at my best. So it'll be nice to hopefully move on to a subject I'll be studying for the next three years rather than something I feel is just a pit stop on the academic road.

Actually had a night out yesterday for the first time in... I don't know how long. If you can call an evening with my sis and mum plus her friend and her daughters a "night out". We went to Stadsteatern and watched West Side Story.

Aka Romeo and Juliet in 50s New York )

After the exam today I had to walk to the underground through the rain, and the rain kept on until evening. So I spent most of that time watching TV and finished reading Margaret Atwood's The Penelopiad.

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So I did go into town on friday to buy music (Sofia Jannok's Áhpi, as planned, and Electra Heart by Marina and the Diamonds because it was on sale), both are excellent, and yesterday I got mail informing me that Amazon has dispatched my Mind of Evil DVD. :)

Technically I should be feeling pretty happy, but I have a whole bunch of belated posts/articles/fics I haven't been able to work on in ages, so. Without further ado, I thought I'd get around to writing that post on The Dark Path, before it's been so long I forget all I wanted to say.

For those who don't know, The Dark Path by David A. McIntee, is a Virgin Missing Adventure first published in 1997 featuring the second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria. It is perhaps most remembered for being the first official (well, more or less) attempt at giving the Master an origin story-- and a name.

Further non-spoilery opinions under cut )

In conclusion: it's not without faults, but I found it an enjoyable book that's worth checking out.

Also the Doctor calls Koschei a fusspot. It is officially the most accurate description of the Master the Doctor has made in canon (wtf is up with "the very personification of evil", Three?). Going with book canon there's also ample room for Two, Jamie and Zoe meeting Delgado!Master shenanigans-- in fact, it practically demands it, based on Three's reaction to hearing that the Master's turned up in Terror of the Autons. THIS NOVEL IS UNTAPPED FIC GOLD, YOU GUYS.

(Do I covet an AU where Koschei and Victoria travel together and inevitably run into Three who tries to seduce a dematerialisation circuit out of Koschei? Yes. Yes I do.)

I also have a lot more spoilery thoughts about Koschei's character development, especially when compared to the Master's origin story in TV- and audio canon, but that will have to wait for yet another while. :'3

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