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It's almost nine in the evening here, so Christmas has pretty much passed (yes, we go all out on December 24th in Sweden; I'm not sure why that is). I don't think I've ever posted photos of the presents I've received, mostly because I always feel I get much more than I deserve. But it's all very lovely and the food's been nice and I CAN FINALLY WATCH THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD (THOUGH I HAVEN'T YET). So there's that.

I will, however, share a Christmas card. In fact, the only Christmas card I've received this year. Why? Because it's glorious.

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(It took me approximately 30 minutes to upload that to Photobucket. I really, really need that new laptop.)
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Haven't updated in a week now; not that much have happened, thank Someone. The exam went... all right, I think. Considering how I've felt the past weeks I think I managed well, and I've talked to my teacher, who said I didn't have to worry and that there'd be time to catch up next term. Good.

Christmas came, Christmas went, and it was all quite nice. For the first time I can remember my family spent Christmas alone, without any friends or relatives, which was... a huge difference, to be honest. I quite enjoyed myself. The food was nice and presents lovely; there's not much more I can ask for for Christmas.

Finished The Hobbit, started reading Kursaal today. Planning to re-read Neverwhere when I go to London next week (next week! How time flies) and have reservated Xenophon's Anabasis and The Fellowship of the Ring from the library, too. Looking forward to reading the books I got for Christmas as well... lots of reading to do these two weeks before going back to work for good.

Also, Yuletide happened! I have received two amazing gifts so far, both for Catherynne M. Valente's book Deathless (which is one of my favourite books - the way to win my heart is contemporary Russian history told through a deconstruction of Russian myth and folklore, apparently).

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Called in sick for work for the rest of the week, because I am feeling extraordinarily shitty. This means money will be scarce in February, probably... then again I'll be studying a course full-time next term so I will actually receive an allowance to even things out.

Did I forget to mention that? Apart from Ancient Greek, I'll be taking a course in "Life and Culture in Antiquity" and I'm really looking forward to it. :D

... I am not looking forward to the exam on Friday so much. I have reached the point where I have so many aspects floating around in my head I didn't recognise a verb in present middle indicative (that's very very basic stuff, for those who never got into linguistics).

Anyway, yesterday, I spent eight hours making a gingerbread house.

More accurately, [ profile] stalkerbunny, Radagasting and I spent eight hours in my kitchen making a gingerbread TARDIS.

Vworp vworp )

Eight hours is a bit long, but it should be pointed out that we went into this project with not much more than enthusiasm and cookie dough, so I think that it worked out all right. Also, we had to make an emergency run to the supermarket and eat dinner as well.

Overall, a hard day's work well paid off!

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