Apr. 27th, 2014

regndoft: (Time And Nyan In Space)
Some fannish stuff I did this week:

- Read the novelisation of The Sea Devils and liveblogged it. And by "liveblogged" I mostly mean "posted Doctor/Master shippy quotes and comparisons with the TV version" (there is no Clangers scene! Or a sword fight! OUTRAGEOUS).

- Me and a bunch of friends got together on thursday to watch Captain America 2, as well as the first movie in preparation. Lemon cheesecake and thai food was had (for lunch and dinner). It was an afternoon screening on a weekday, so we were almost alone in the theatre, which was really enjoyable and I'm not sure why (we did have to restrain ourselves from treating it like our own living room and commenting aloud... at least I had to).

As for the movie, I really enjoyed it, but it was also strange to watch with the first movie fresh in mind because whereas the first movie concentrates a lot on the characters and concentrating on them (because the main plot is rather generic). And it works because you really like these characters and the visuals are nice and the dialogue is fun, whereas the second movie... has some really nice character moments, some memorable lines, but most of all it focuses on the action sequences. Some of which do get very long and tedious.

That being said, it was rather interesting political commentary for an action flick and also it. May or may not have re-awakened the Marvel fan in me.

- By which I mean I spent most of friday reading comics. It's... strange trying to get back into the loop of something you were highly confused by to begin with - I was never that good at keeping up with comics, mostly because I was terrible at downloading and keeping track of when everything was released - because you're not sure where to start. As it is, I've now picked up... Captain Marvel (both from 2012 and the new one-- I LOVE CAROL SO MUCH YOU GUYS SHE'S FAB why did I ever stop reading this, why), Ms. Marvel (three issues and not much has happened yet but everyone's really cute and they're clearly trying to establish a colourful character gallery, which I really appreciate), She-Hulk (only "one-shots" so far but they're REALLY GREAT AND FUN esp. the latest issue) Hawkeye (Fraction's from 2012, which I really should have read earlier too), Elektra (only one issue out so far, but the art is SO GORGEOUS holy crap, I recommend a look just for the art) and All-New Ghost Rider (art is neat but story slow to unfold and kind of uninteresting so far).

This also reminds me that I really need to pick up Saga volume 3...

- Watched some Who with friends (Keys of Marinus and The Ribos Operation). Still contemplating whether or not going to Dimensions this year. Because on one hand, money. On the other... I kind of miss conventions and meeting new people and stuff??

Overall, this week has been SUPER HECTIC school-wise, and when I haven't been at uni I've been meeting friends, so I'm... really exhausted tbh. But um. Yes talk to me about Doctor Who or Marvel.

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