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Title: It's A Long Way To Capernaum
Author: [personal profile] regndoft / [ profile] taiyou_to_tsuki
Characters: War!Doctor/Jacobi!Master (more gen than shippy though).
Summary: With the lives they've come to live, respites are few and far between.
Rating: G.
Warning: None.

A/N: 405 words. Written for the prompt "War!Doctor/Jacobi!Master, Capernoited (slightly intoxicated or tipsy)" on Tumblr. The title reference doesn't really work, but I couldn't think of anything better.

Here @ AO3

It's A Long Way To Capernaum )

Title: The Ties That Confine Us
Author: [personal profile] regndoft / [ profile] taiyou_to_tsuki
Characters: Shalka!Doctor/Shalka!Master.
Summary: Since returning from the more-or-less dead, the Master had more than enough time to contemplate the Doctor’s motivations for bringing him back.
Rating: T.
Warning: None.

A/N: 1319 words. This was originally supposed to be a more humouristic fic, exploring the exact circumstances of the Soup Incident (yes, that is indeed a thing that happened, according to Paul Cornell's novelisation of Scream of the Shalka). The finished product however is more the result of me musing over the Doctor and the Master's early relationship in Shalkaverse, before ascending to the of state of married bliss (well, as close as those two will ever get to it at least) we know from canon.

Here @ AO3

The Ties That Confine Us )
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Trope Bingo ends the 31st of May and I just posted my first (embarrassingly short) fill. Go me.

Title: Uphill
Author: [personal profile] regndoft / [ profile] taiyou_to_tsuki
Characters: Third Doctor/Delgado!Master.
Summary: The Master has found himself in something of a predicament. The Doctor has found the Master.
Rating: All Ages.
Warning: None!

A/N: 645 words. Orginally written for a prompt on Tumblr ("Third Doctor/Delgado!Master - fairy tale") that also fit the "character in distress" slot on my trope bingo. Loosely based on The Princess on the Glass Hill.

Here @ AO3

Nothing ventured... )
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Some fannish stuff I did this week:

- Read the novelisation of The Sea Devils and liveblogged it. And by "liveblogged" I mostly mean "posted Doctor/Master shippy quotes and comparisons with the TV version" (there is no Clangers scene! Or a sword fight! OUTRAGEOUS).

- Me and a bunch of friends got together on thursday to watch Captain America 2, as well as the first movie in preparation. Lemon cheesecake and thai food was had (for lunch and dinner). It was an afternoon screening on a weekday, so we were almost alone in the theatre, which was really enjoyable and I'm not sure why (we did have to restrain ourselves from treating it like our own living room and commenting aloud... at least I had to).

As for the movie, I really enjoyed it, but it was also strange to watch with the first movie fresh in mind because whereas the first movie concentrates a lot on the characters and concentrating on them (because the main plot is rather generic). And it works because you really like these characters and the visuals are nice and the dialogue is fun, whereas the second movie... has some really nice character moments, some memorable lines, but most of all it focuses on the action sequences. Some of which do get very long and tedious.

That being said, it was rather interesting political commentary for an action flick and also it. May or may not have re-awakened the Marvel fan in me.

- By which I mean I spent most of friday reading comics. It's... strange trying to get back into the loop of something you were highly confused by to begin with - I was never that good at keeping up with comics, mostly because I was terrible at downloading and keeping track of when everything was released - because you're not sure where to start. As it is, I've now picked up... Captain Marvel (both from 2012 and the new one-- I LOVE CAROL SO MUCH YOU GUYS SHE'S FAB why did I ever stop reading this, why), Ms. Marvel (three issues and not much has happened yet but everyone's really cute and they're clearly trying to establish a colourful character gallery, which I really appreciate), She-Hulk (only "one-shots" so far but they're REALLY GREAT AND FUN esp. the latest issue) Hawkeye (Fraction's from 2012, which I really should have read earlier too), Elektra (only one issue out so far, but the art is SO GORGEOUS holy crap, I recommend a look just for the art) and All-New Ghost Rider (art is neat but story slow to unfold and kind of uninteresting so far).

This also reminds me that I really need to pick up Saga volume 3...

- Watched some Who with friends (Keys of Marinus and The Ribos Operation). Still contemplating whether or not going to Dimensions this year. Because on one hand, money. On the other... I kind of miss conventions and meeting new people and stuff??

Overall, this week has been SUPER HECTIC school-wise, and when I haven't been at uni I've been meeting friends, so I'm... really exhausted tbh. But um. Yes talk to me about Doctor Who or Marvel.
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I did a thing last night! [ profile] eve11 did a Doctor Who voice meme, and I recorded my answers... way, way too late at night really. Ended up with 30 minutes of running time in which I say the word "really" a lot. >____>

In the almost 24 hours since I recorded it this has been linked over at [ profile] who_at_50 (*shakes fist*) but I'll still link the Horror Channel TV Spot (and a shorter, slightly different one).

Also: started reading Scales of Injustice (v.good so far) and listened to Walking To Babylon (I love Benny so much and I should. talk more about that when I've listened to more of her audios).
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I've listened to some Companion Chronicles and felt inclined to share Opinions.

(The draft of this post has been lying around for... two weeks? maybe more. I felt it was time to post this entry so I could actually make an update about something else. >___>)

Major spoilers!

The Cold Equations + The First Wave, Guardian of the Solar System )

In other Big Finish-related news, I've started listening to the Iris Wildthyme and Bernice Summerfield ranges. I have not listened to Simon Guerrier's latest (The War To End All Wars, about Steven post-canon) because a part of my heart might just actually shrivel up and die.
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A short-ish list of stuff I've been doing instead of updating here (shame on me):

- Acquired PhotoShop and started making graphics. I am under no illusions of being a PS wizard, but considering I've only had it for a bit more than a month I think I'm doing fairly well (especially considering I make Classic Who graphics and very seldom have the luxury of high quality pictures......).

I think it's also been very important to me to have this thing where I can be creative without pressure. With writing and drawing, I've grown up with it and demand a lot from myself, which inhibits my ability to actually be productive. I don't have as much problem with perfectionism as I used to (thank you therapy) but it's still something very deeply ingrained. I wrote one fic last year that passed 1k and that wasn't for lack of time.

With PhotoShop, however, I am a complete n00b. If I fuck up, or it doesn't turn out the way I wanted it do, I'm... strangely okay with that. And that's refreshing, and encouraging, and doesn't make me feel like shit. So I'm really enjoying it.

- Signed up for [ profile] dw_allsorts, a new Doctor Who prompt table community, which has also been very nice and low-pressure so far. I've started with a tiiiny 3 prompt table, which is encouraging in its simplicity. Hopefully I'll be able to slowly work my way up towards 20 one table at a time. So if you like Doctor Who and producing fanworks, consider signing up!

- Uni is horrible and I suck at higher education forever-- okay, no, not really, but I've somehow managed to double-book myself (actually that's completely the institution's responsibility and not mine, just because I don't happen to study to become a teacher) and have to take the next two courses simultaneously (and buy course lit to match). On top of that I have a home exam this week that I haven't read all the books for and the exam for the last course I didn't take on friday next week. April is going to be... interesting.

- I'm turning 21 on saturday. My age will be divisible by 3 and that is terrifying.

- Probably a lot of things have happened I've forgotten to write about here. Terrible. I'll try to do better from now on.
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I don't know how many Gallifrey fans that hang out on my F-list rather than... you know, Tumblr, but I thought I'd post this here for posterity. And because I want you to know that this is either the worst or the greatest thing I've ever created. A stroke of genius or madness. We just can't tell.

I wrote a song. Or rather, I re-wrote a song, because Popular (from Wicked) is

a. not written by me

b. not actually about Braxiatel trying to convince Romana to become President of Gallifrey.

It is now )
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A lot of things have been going on since my last update. Uni is demanding, I didn't get the apartment (apparently I wasn't supposed to have it since this isn't my first term... which, would've been nice to know before they put me through bureaucratic hell). When I haven't been studying I've mostly been... consuming.

- I have a new phone! One that works, unlike my old new phone (seriously, I had it about a month before it said "fuck it". I am forever bitter about this). It's technically not a new-new phone, as it's my mother's old iPhone, but I'm just delighted to be able to text people again.

- Watched both seasons of Pushing Daisies! It was lovely. I am heartbroken it was cancelled. :c Also started watching Firefly, but am only a couple of episodes in (is it just me or is it really reminiscent of Blake's 7? I seem to recall reading that Joss Whedon watched it growing up, which... would make sense...).

- Been reading lots; mostly related to uni, both course lit and fiction, but also my own books. So far I've been able to make good on my "two EDAs a month" promise; am currently on The Shadows of Avalon. Should get around to writing reaction posts...

- Speaking of which, book sale begins next week! I've already pre-ordered a whole bunch online really cheaply, so I suppose I won't have much money left over to buy in actual stores (not that that will stop me, probably).

- More on the topic of books: was I the only one who hadn't heard of the Doctor Who Monster Collection? Apparently they're re-releasing Doctor Who novels with Doctors both old and new, each paired (no, not in that way) with an iconic monster. I have no idea as to the actual quality of the novels, but I'm super-chuffed they're actually bringing some books with classic Doctors back into print - presumably the 50s Anniversary special editions did better than expected.

There's even a VNA in there this time. We live in a time where a twenty-year-old VNA with Benny, Chris and Roz gets brought back into print. And I think that's beautiful.
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- New term and new course started this week, which has been a lot more intense than I'd reckoned. At least one paper (only 500 words, luckily) per week plus group assignment plus A LOT of reading. Which usually might be fine, but I'm studying for an exam I didn't take in december, so I feel a bit strained. So far I haven't fallen behind though; another week and I expect I'll adapt.

In a way, it's nice to have strict routines. While I handle stress badly, and it's terrible not being able to do the things I want to do, there's a masochistic part of me that thrives on productivity. Getting Shit Done, even at the cost of my own comfort zone, can be rewarding.

- We're starting off with a more thorough course on hinduism and buddhism than the A course provided, which is... confusing but interesting so far. Yesterday's lecturer was a German Indologist specialised in the Vedas, which was particularly interesting since she was mainly a linguist (did you know that the names of Vedic deities have been found on clay tablets as far west as the Mitanni and Hittite kingdoms? I didn't, but finding out was awesome). So it's fun. So far.

- I got a student apartment! Or rather, I've got the dibs on one, as I haven't moved in yet, seeing how I got the mail just this morning. But I've replied saying HOLY SHIT YES I want it, so now all there's left is to wait. And try to wrap my head around the fact that I'll move to Uppsala within two weeks, probably.

- I finished the Engelsfors trilogy and I have a lot of emotions but no one to share them with because I don't know anyone else who's finished the series. :(((
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Life's decided to be rather hectic atm; had an examinatory seminar today, exam on thursday, two papers to hand in before the week is out, and next week spring term and my new course begins... (History of religion + religious psychology).

Haven't really studied, but I'm not feeling particularly worried either. I was so torn up about everything before Christmas, I have now passed into a zen-like state of Not Giving A Shit. Instead, I've been reading a lot; two weeks into 2014 and four books down already, which means that to everyone's surprise, I'm actually on schedule so far. And three of them have been in Swedish.

Speaking of books (and Swedish), I finished the second book in a very lauded Swedish YA trilogy (that's also done rather well internationally), the first of which is called The Circle. I honestly can't remember the last time I utterly devoured a book at this pace, ignoring almost everything else-- I finished over 600 pages in two days. And, as I think I mentioned in the book meme, I really don't go for YA lit most of the time. I was initially a bit dubious, seeing as the blurb on the back reads:

One night, when a strange red moon fills the sky, six school girls find themselves in an abandoned theme park, drawn there by a mysterious force. A student has just been found dead. Everyone suspects suicide. Everyone - except them. In that derelict fairground an ancient prophecy is revealed. They are The Chosen Ones, a group of witches, bound together by a power, one which could destroy them all. But they soon learn that despite their differences they need each other in order to master the forces that have been awakened within them. High school is now a matter of life and death. Because the killing has only just begun.

... which is a fairly clichéed summary and didn't really help (the British cover is also rather atrocious; luckily most editions go for the Swedish original). But I think this is one of those books where the execution of the premise makes all the difference; what could have been a very tropey and forgettable book aimed at teenage girls is actually a suspenseful read with memorable characters.

A non-spoilery list of Good Things About These Books )

TL;DR if you like YA, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer (a major source of inspiration for the authors, trufax), or just good urban fantasy, I recommend checking this book series out. I'll probably treat myself to the last installment in the trilogy after my exam this week.
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"If future, potentially existing individuals are giving moral weight in discussions about climate, they should also be given a say in discussions about abortion"

Please tell me you got those PhDs from the internet. It's ok, I won't tattle. I just need to retain a little faith in humanity.

Alternately, you could tell me where you got those drugs, because they sure seem effective.
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I said about a week back that I was rapidly becoming addicted to 8tracks now when I have a working computer again, and that I should probably make a rec list if only to have something to post here.

In a way it feels strangely personal to make a list like this, if only because it reveals something which can say a lot about a person: their taste in music.

Well, "taste". As this list probably shows, my taste in music is... rather inconsistent, tbh.

10 fanmix recs )
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Something in the Ice from Regndoft on 8tracks Radio.

I was bored and made a (mostly instrumental) mood mix for At the Mountains of Madness. Not as creepy as it should be; we have to make do with what we've got, and apparently I don't actually own that much creepy music.

Tracklist )

Rec post coming soon! Am also working on a bit more ambitious playlist for the Trope Bingo, but that'll take some time.

Trope bingo

Jan. 2nd, 2014 10:48 pm
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Sorry for the spam, but I do need to save this for posterity. I made another Questionable Life Decision and signed up for the third round of [community profile] trope_bingo. Considering I didn't finsh anything for the second round, this could be... interesting.

Fun )
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First, shameless advertising:

Yuletide Friending Meme

Secondly, a book meme snagged from Lysimache @ LJ. I did some very minor changes to fit what I've read better; hope you don't mind. :)

Total books: 67 (actually 68, I think, but one of my course books wasn't on GoodReads).
Total pages: 15564.
Comics/graphic novels: 10.
Doctor Who-related: 33 (*AVOIDS EYE-CONTACT*).
Non-fiction: 9.
Non-English: 9 (8 Swedish, 1 Danish).
Rereads: 2.

Best book(s): HARD. I had some unusually enjoyable reading experiences that stand out - Carmilla, The Penelopiad, Ten Little Aliens and The Circle in particular - but I'm not sure I'd dub any of them objectively the "best".

And the rest )

New Year's

Jan. 2nd, 2014 07:04 pm
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June is on her way home to Oslo, which means I'm officially free not to have a life outside the internet again (not that we spent hours browsing Tumblr together, noo...).

It's been a quiet almost-week, at least partly because of the sporadic opening hours of basically everything over New Years-- but I think we needed that time to just relax. Mostly we've spent time at home, watching movies and Doctor Who although we did go on a bookshop excursion on monday.

New Year's was spent away from home, at [personal profile] gluecookie's house. We made a three-course dinner (a shrimp sallad, baked potatoes with tuna and garlic butter, and gino with vanilla ice cream) and watched the Doctor Who TV movie (there is a Doctor Who story for every holiday!). Also played a round of DW Trivial Pursuit, which is really hard ("What does rapper 50 Cent have in common with a helicopter from The Daemons" IS AN ACTUAL QUESTION).

Other things watched this week includes Pacific Rim (finally! Not really disappointing, but not really what I was expecting either; Tumblr had made me expect more focus on the characters and less giant-robots-fighting-monsters. Luckily I think giant robots fighting monsters is pretty entertaining) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (I LOVE THIS MOVIE SO MUCHhhh) and The Empty Hearse (I'd... rather not talk about it *Twitch*).

And so, the new year. It's... strange. On one hand 2013 doesn't feel like it's been that long; on the other once I actually think about what I've done this year it's... a lot. Hmm. Some bumps, but a good year overall. Perhaps the best one yet!

I don't really have any New Year's resolutions, but I've promised myself to at least try to write more this year. 2013 has been an absolutely abysmal year writing-wise. Also, try to update LJ/DW more.

Coming up: an End-of-Year book meme and fanmix rec post (bless u 8tracks).
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Finally, finally, I own a new computer. One that can actually play videos and has working speakers. It's like a completely new world has opened up for me!

To begin with, I don't have to listen to 8tracks on the iPad anymore. This might be the reason I've just realised that I REALLY LOVE 8TRACKS. I should make a post with some of my favourite mixes at some point in the future.

I'm also having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that, for the first time in a year and a half, I can watch videos online. Like... YouTube. And Dailymotion. Wow.

(I haven't seen The Time of the Doctor yet, mostly because Dailymotion has failed to provide me with a stream. From what I've heard, I'm not missing much. This shouldn't be a surprise, but seeing how I recently rewatched Day of the Doctor and actually still really enjoy it, I'd kind of got my hopes up. Oh well.)

(Also disappointed the internet has yet to provide me with War Docor/Jacobi!Master. Shame on you, internet. Why don't you cater to my every whim? Sighh.)

Did finish watching The Enemy of the World. Spontaneous thoughts: it's absolutely lovely, and so much better paced when you actually have visuals. I have trouble watching a lot of missing serials because the lack of visuals affect my concentration, but obviously that's not a problem when they're NOT. MISSING. ANYMORE!! Pat's performance is just outstanding, and I love how varied and believable the side characters are; there's really an astounding amount of them, but somehow even the Captain of the guard ends up memorable in some way.

Still, it's a very odd one, isn't it? Obviously noy a historical, but not really sci-fi either besides it being set in the future; more like an action flick with added political drama on the side. In many ways it's more James Bond than anything produced during the Pertwee era.

I'd like to say that I'll be updating more often from now on, but actually I'll be absent for another week or so! [identity profile] is visiting me over New Year's so we'll probably be busy talking shit and not sleeping. I'll see you when I see you.
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It's almost nine in the evening here, so Christmas has pretty much passed (yes, we go all out on December 24th in Sweden; I'm not sure why that is). I don't think I've ever posted photos of the presents I've received, mostly because I always feel I get much more than I deserve. But it's all very lovely and the food's been nice and I CAN FINALLY WATCH THE ENEMY OF THE WORLD (THOUGH I HAVEN'T YET). So there's that.

I will, however, share a Christmas card. In fact, the only Christmas card I've received this year. Why? Because it's glorious.

Merry Christmas )

(It took me approximately 30 minutes to upload that to Photobucket. I really, really need that new laptop.)
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I really haven't posted anything here for an entire month. What a terrible person I am.

I wish I could say I had legitimate reasons not to, but... actually, no I don't. I haven't been feeling terribly perky, but neither have I been really depressed in december. Mostly I've been exhausted; I feel like a wrung out dish cloth. I've spent several days just lounging around the house reading books and listening to audios.

The most ridiculous thing is, it's not like I haven't been doing stuff. I totally have! Besides all the books and audios I've been meaning to recommend/rant about, I've had exams (I've passed all three I've taken so far, two of them with the highest grade (if not the highest score)) and seminars, I've been baking and watching movies (saw Catching Fire in the theatre, which was excellent and reminded me that I actually really like the Hunger Games trilogy).

I've even been to the actual theatre twice in one month; the first time to see Sylvester McCoy at Reginateatern in Uppsala, which was all kinds of lovely and fun, and a second time the day before yesterday to see a sort of... theatre/dance performance of Macbeth with a soul/funk theme set in the 70s.

I only managed 14k for NaNo, which is the worst I've ever done; I also had to default at Yuletide. The fact that I'm not overly upset over these things is more worrying than anything else, tbh. I also haven't been around LJ much this past week because my computer is a bastard that, for some reason, refuses to open pages running certain scripts (embedded players and anything connected to Facebook, mostly) but I haven't been very eager to try to fix it, as I'm planning on getting a new one for the Boxing Day sale.

Christmas Eve might not be the best time to write about all this, but I got up early for once and have a couple of hours to kill before mum comes back from work, so... why not.

Might do some round-ups of good books I've read this year later (anyone know a good meme?) and Big Finish thoughts.

Merry Christmas. :)
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I am having Thoughts and I want to get them out before I read too many other people's opinions.

Let's begin by saying that (as I'm sure everyone has noticed) I'm not Steven Moffat's greatest fan. I have loads of problems with his time as screenwriter, both when it comes to plot and representation. I almost didn't go to see the special in theaters, partly because I didn't find out they'd actually screen it here until the day before, and even then because I was 90% sure I'd find it disappointing and didn't know if I wanted to spend 140 SEK on a ticket for that. I was fully prepared to stay at home and rewatch The Five Doctors.

That being said, The Day of the Doctor? Was excellent.

I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS?? But I really did love it. I haven't felt like this about New Who in years. Am I catching something? It was lovely, though. Not anywhere near perfect, but no episode ever is-- I think, for me, as someone naturally prone to nitpicking, it's more a question of whether I enjoy something to the extent that I'll be willing to overlook the less good bits and usually Moffat doesn't do that for me. Except this time he did.

It probably also helped to be surrounded by other fans who were just as pumped as we were. The theatre was almost full, and that was the second screening we attended, not the first (it was sold out). Take that, mum, who thought we would be the only ones silly enough to go (hah!!1).

"We" were me, [personal profile] stalkerbunny, another friend, my sister and a friend of hers, btw. Sis and friend were not actually caught up on series 7/hadn't watched more than a couple of episodes, but seemed enthusiastic enough and even more so afterwards, which made me happy. I recently got sis to watch some McCoy serials and she's really in love with Seven, so hopefully the months to come will be a successful process of conversion. :D

All that being said, what about the actual episode?

Some not very concise and spoilery thoughts )

TL;DR it was not what I thought I wanted, but it turned out to be something I wanted anyway. Presumably they sucked all the awesome out of series 7 just to pump it into this special instead. I am okay with that.

Still have The Light at the End left, and have been unable to watch The Five-ish Doctors because BBC hates me, or something.

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